10 implementations of the aluminium furniture to your home decoration

The furniture is something that should be provided in the house. The kinds are really varied, even for each room will need different furniture. The furniture will facilitate yourself in the house and will affect your comfort. That is why there are some considerations that you should take when choosing furniture and one of them is the material.

Each material will have a different style impression. It becomes the reason why people are quite selective in choosing the material. It is not only about the durability or the strength but also about the decoration style that you can get from the material itself. Let’s take a chance with the aluminium material. Will it be proper enough? Or, will it be durable enough?

The aluminium material is commonly used for the modern house, industrial, or Scandinavian. It can be combined with another material while being used in one furniture product. Or, it can be in all aluminium material in a product. It depends on the design style that needs to be achieved. The aluminium material is proper enough for the furniture since it is corrosion-resistant. The thing that you should consider is that the aluminium material is lightweight so you need to consider it well related to its usage in your house.

Here are the characteristics of the aluminium material you should know.

  1. lightweight
  2. corrosion-resistant
  3. has a high strength-to-weight ratio
  4. highly ductile
  5. silvery-white colour

With all of those characteristics, it makes the aluminium material proper enough to be used for the furniture. You don’t need to worry about its functionality and durability. Anyway, there are some different kinds of aluminium material available. You can choose any of them based on their characteristic.

  1. Pure Aluminium: It has a soft characteristic. It is also ductile and corrosion-resistant. It contains no alloying elements and has a low level of contamination.
  2. Aluminium Alloys: It has a stronger characteristic rather than pure aluminium.  It is made by combining the pure aluminium with the alloying elements.
  3. Cast Aluminium: It is made of melted alloys and then moulds to get the final shape. It is cost-effective but has lower tensile strength and lower ductility.
  4. Anodized Aluminium: This kind of aluminium is commonly used in construction and architectural products. The surface of the material is made harder and more durable.

Now that you already know the complete information about aluminium material, it’s time for you to see the application of aluminium material for the furniture to complete your home needs.

Kitchen Cabinet


The kitchen cabinet is made of aluminium in black material that is combined with wood material. You can use it for your industrial or Scandinavian home design. Kitchen Cabinet from @qadri_furniture_and_aluminium

Small Table


These aluminium small tables are cute. It comes in different colors that will beautify your home decoration. You can use it as your movable table to read or write something. Or, you can use it to put ornaments, greeneries, or decorative lamps. Small Table from @lehni_furniture

Vertical Rack


This vertical rack with its simple silvery look is perfect for your modern house. It is also great for your small house or apartment since it won’t need too much space in the room. Vertical Rack from @injoonkg

Bridge Tidy System


As we have said before aluminium material is corrosion-resistant. It can be great for the bridge tidy system like what we have in this picture. The look is really sleek and stylish. It is functional at the same time. Bridge Tidy System from @ernestomeda

Coffee Table


This coffee table can be a simple choice for you who love simplicity. It is perfect for the minimalist design. With the right color and design, the simple aluminium coffee table can be stylish too. Coffee Table from @blafink

Bench Rack


It is perfect for your entryway. Look at how simple yet functional this bench rack design is. You can use the rack under the bench to put the footwear or anything you need. Bench Rack from @eliottlgr



This aluminium sink has a unique design. It can be used to beautify the decoration and to add the aesthetic side of the room. Look at the shape and sleek impression of the aluminium material. Sink from @inox_4_ever

Drying Rack


The drying rack in the black color looks really durable. The aluminium material can also be great for the drying rack since it is corrosion-resistant. The design and the color can be perfect for your modern or industrial home. Drying Rack from @cofurnituresurabaya

Chair and Table Set


Look at how harmonious this chair and table set looks like. You can have it for your dining room or you can have it for your outdoor furniture and place it on the patio or porch. Chair and Table Set from @ratanafurniture



Using aluminium material for the countertop can be proper. The material is sleek and will let you clean it easily. It is also water resistant and corrosion resistant which will make it perfect for the countertop. Countertop from @kitchenset_sidoarjo

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