9 ideas to achieve an authentic whimsygoth bedroom decor

Are you bored with your common bedroom decor? Let’s try to find another unique bedroom decoration that can bring a new fresh impression for you. We really want to present you a whimsygoth decoration style that will be really interesting. Well, it might be not familiar to you but this one is unique and worth trying. It won’t be about something minimalist and simple. It will be about something with rich texture and pattern. The color will also be dark and bold for a strong characteristic. So, are you interested in this one?

What is the Whimsygoth design?

This one is a combination of the whimsical and gothic. Those two styles are paired together to create a totally unique and not boring decoration. The decoration will be magical and rich in character. For the simplest explanation, the whimsygoth design gathers eclectic maximalism design, vintage love, and floral romance all together in one room. The combination will create such an equal impression of the artistic, moody, and dark without being overserving at all.

Anyway, the key to the whimsygoth design is on the balance. It will be dark but there are some light elements applied such as the moon, stars, and sun. Then, there will be a texture combination where you should make it balanced. There should be a soft texture after the hard ones. You can do the same way for any aspect that you apply in the room to create the balance.

How to Get a Whimsygoth Bedroom

The first thing first is to decide the elements you want to bring. You can have it with the basic characters of the whimsygoth design:

  1. rich of colors
  2. elegant patterns
  3. combination of styles and finishes
  4. the balance of whimsical and gothic style

The important thing about it is that you should remember that there will be contrast for the nostalgia-tinted look. It will be functional to make the room feel fresh and warm. We have some tips that you can use as a consideration in applying things to create your whimsygoth bedroom design. Get the ideas and nail it!

Presenting Plants (Vines)

As we commonly know the function of the greenery is to bring a fresh natural atmosphere inside the room, then, it will be more than that for the whimsygoth design. The greenery will be able to enliven the room. Additionally, as we have mentioned the greenery here is about the vines as the priority. It is not without any reason because the vines have a visual interest and are able to bring the right amount of drama.


The vines in this bedroom come with blooming flowers. This one is really adorable. The vines are applied on the headboard to beautify the bed where the vibe can be felt all around the bedroom area. Blooming Vines from @thekentishmum

Curtain as the Vocal Point

For the whimsygoth design, the curtain takes an important role. It is because the window treatment gives an extra luxe. You can have a long high curtain with the right color choice. In this case, you can choose the jewel tones color as the easiest way to get the right color.


Even when the color of the curtain does not stand out, but look at the design. It has layers and patterns. Here, the simple color is chosen to balance the curtain design not to make it overserving. Curtain from @aaddiemaee

Celestial Motif

It is such good news for those who love planetary decor. The whimsygoth design will let you have the stars, moon, or sun in the room. The planetary items will provide movement and warmth in the bedroom. Besides, the celestial motif will also be a balance in the bedroom with all of the dark and gothic aspects inside the room.


Look at how the stars can make the room look bright and magical. Well, the impression works way really effectively in this case. Even when the stars don’t have any light, our mind has its own perspective and impression of the stars that make the room look bright. Celestial Motif from @alteredcraftwitch

Pattern Layering

The texture will be a benefit for the whimsygoth decoration not to make the room look somber. You can bring the floral pattern and any other natural motifs for the texture layering. But still, you can have other patterns if you want.

The patterns applied here really vary. There are some natural touches like foliages and florals in an abstract style. Then, there is a sun motif for the celestial touch. Such a beautiful pattern collaboration. Pattern Layering from @itsthe_vibeforme

Jewel Tone

The easiest way to choose the right colors for your whimsygoth bedroom decor is by looking at the jewel tones. Well, it won’t be only about the gold or silver colors. If you think deeply, there are also some other colors such as royal blue, emerald green, and plum. The colors of jewel tones won’t only give you a whimsygoth impression but also create a regal yet cozy vibe around the aesthetic look.


You can see the green color on the dome of the bed that makes the room look magical and elegant at the same time. It is the color of the emerald green that you commonly find on the jewelry. Jewel Tone from @whimsigothic_kel

Texture Layering

Bringing the texture to the whimsygoth bedroom should be done with a good balance. You have to bring a complete texture. Let’s say that you have to bring the soft pattern to the rough ones. The pattern can be presented from the blanket, rug, bed, table, etc.


Even when you don’t touch it, you can feel the textures available in this bedroom. You can see the texture layered on the bed with the cushions, bedding, and blankets. Then, you can see the chair back pad near the bed with its texture. The rest textures are on the curtain and rug. Texture Layering from @whimsigothic_kel

Nature Accent

Even when the whimsygoth has a dark impression, but it can have a heaven atmosphere. You can do it by bringing the nature accent inside the bedroom. For example, you can bring the outdoors in or make the room look like a forest illusion.

Snapinsta.app_367509661_191304630622681_6660277304989554801_n_1080 (1)

The nature accent is presented on the plants and the pumpkin which is decorated with the stars for the celestial touch. You can also find the wood material there for the natural accent. Nature Accent from @gemmagordon__


Not only warm and romantic, the candles will also be able to create a witchy impression. Here, we recommend you choose the monochromatic candles for an authentic whimsygoth look. You can choose the black, cream, or burgundy colors.


You can see that there are some candles in the bedroom with different types of candles. You should see how magical the vibe can be with the existence of the candles. It is really perfect for the whimsygoth bedroom design. Candles from @thequeenofhalloween365

Dried Plants

After the greenery and all of the nature accents, we also recommend you have the dried plants inside the bedroom. It will be such a balance for the greenery. Also, the dried plants will be more durable as it doesn’t need any maintenance.


This one is really perfect for the whimsygoth decoration. You can put it on your vanity or side table. The color and the kind of flower are really magical and gothic. Dried Plants from @elusivemuse

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