10 important items you should provide for a proper playroom

Designing kids’ playrooms will be a little bit tricky. Well, it will be fun because you will deal with cute items and refreshing designs but on the other hand, you should be able to create a proper decoration for the kids that won’t only be pretty but also able to make the kids become more creative and expressing their ideas. Also, you should make it safe for the kids and be careful in choosing the items to be provided there. Here are the basic rules you should follow for the kids’ playroom.

  1. Consider the arrangement of the furniture and other items so that it won’t limit the kids’ movement or danger to the kids when the items fall.
  2. Use the safe material only! Not only the material but also the paint colors that are applied to the furniture.
  3. Provide the safe shapes for any items that you provide. For example, you should avoid sharp or pointed shapes because that may hurt the kids.
  4. Facilitate the kids with comfortable and good-quality items only.
  5. Consider the age of the kids in choosing the furniture and other facilities you want to provide in the playroom.

After all of those rules, now, it’s time for you to know the things that you should provide in the room. It can be the furniture and other additional facilities to entertain the kids and to stimulate kids’ creativity. However, remember that some of the items should be considered based on the kids’ ages because different ages will have different needs. Get the ideas below!


Storage is such a must. No matter what the ages of the kids, you should provide the storage to the playroom. The storage will be functional to store the toys, learning tools, or even the kids’ collections. Here, we recommend you choose the simple storage design that will let your kids put and take their items easily.


Here, the storage is really accessible where the kids can put all things being stored there easily. The storage is in the form of a cabinet with baskets in addition to keep the items stored safely. Storage from @maisonellieinteriors

Book Rack

Even for toddlers who can’t read yet, a book is already something important. They can learn from the book from a very early age. That is why, the book rack is something that you should provide for the playroom. Choose the accessible bookrack. Don’t install it too high so that the kids can reach it easily. Also, choose the book rack design that lets the cover of the book be exposed. It will make the kids easier to find the books that they want.


The book rack allows the kids to see the cover. It is important so that they can find the book that they want easily. The design is quite different from the adult book rack where we don’t need to see the cover. Book Rack from @boboandthemouse


The rug will be an extra comfort for the kids. As we all know kids love to do their activities on the floor. If you don’t provide a rug, they will be cold during the winter and can’t get their comfort while playing on the floor. Choose the right rug material that won’t make the kids allergy and the most important one is that you should choose the soft and comfortable one.


The rug has a white and red color in square patterns. The material is cozy with a warm texture that will make the kids feel comfortable spending their time in the room. The design of the rug will also be able to add beauty to the room. Rug from @kate_at_oneeight

Desk and Chairs

Even when the kids love to do their activities on the floor, it doesn’t mean that they don’t need the desk. It is still important for the kids when they want to write or paint. Doing those kinds of activities on the desk and chairs will be more comfortable and stable on the result of their work.


The design of the chairs is really unique. The back part of the chair even looks like a deer antlers. It is also really comfortable with the cozy pad. For the desk, the design is simple to create a balance between the chairs and the desk. Desk and Chair from @circu_magical_furniture


A sofa is a lazy spot. It is the facility that will let the kids get comfort while sitting or lying. Also, the sofa will give the parents or nanny comfort while accompanying the kids playing in the room. For the sofa, you should choose the soft and tender one so that everyone can get their comfort and fun moment while in the playroom.


The sofa is a foldable one that can be made into a bed. It is such a great idea that you can use it as a bed when the kids want to take a nap in the room after playing. Sofa from @latteandlullabies

Kids Home Gym

The home gym is really important for stimulating the kinesthetic intelligence of the kids. Also, you should know that doing physical activities gives so many benefits for the kids that will increase their confidence and stimulate many of their competence to grow well. That is why, we recommend you to provide the home gym inside the kids’ playroom.


There are such complete facilities in this gym area. You can see that there are two different kinds of climbing facilities which are wall climbing and rope climbing. There is also a swing and some mattresses for gymnastic activities. Kids Gym Area from @bretomolonis

A Tent

Playing in the tent is such a fun thing to do. It will be really interesting not only for the kids but even for the toddlers. It becomes the reason why a tent is recommended. You don’t have to provide a big tent because that will make the room look full. The small one will be enough as long as the size still cover the kid’s body.


The tend is completed with a mattress and cushion for extra comfort. The kids can play there safely and comfortably. The design of the tend is also simple not to make it complicated for the kids. Tent from @avant_homes


Who doesn’t love swing? Swing can be such a great addition to the playroom. However, you should make sure that you supervise the kids while they are playing with the swing because it might be risky. Don’t install the swing in a high one. Make it low and near enough with the floor so that when they fall, it won’t be too hurt.


There are varied kinds of swings provided in this room. It makes the room proper for different ages since each swing has its own function and characteristics. Swing from @meraki_moraki

Art Space

The art space is needed for a playroom. It can be used to display the kids’ works. By displaying it, your kids can be more proud of themselves and it can be such an appreciation for them. It is a great way to increase the kids’ confidence and to collect the memory of them.


The art space in this playroom is located on the cabinet door. Since the cabinet door is designed as if it has a frame, then the art space can be really proper to be located there. Art Space from @scandiborn


It will be really fun to play with the chalkboard. The color of the chalk will also be varied so that the activity of painting on the chalkboard will be more fun. The kids can increase their creativity and imagination with the chalkboard. However, we don’t recommend it for toddlers because it won’t be safe for them.


The chalkboard is located in the corner of the room. The design is simple not to create any distraction for the kids while doing the activity there. The construction is sturdy with two sides of horseblock. Chalkboard from @maisonellieinteriors



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