8 cozy and proper reading nook designs you can build

In creating a reading nook, you can utilize the left space in the house. You don’t need to have it in a wide space in case your house is not that spacious. You can even adjust the shape of the reading nook to follow the space shape and condition that you have. It can be in a small corner space, in a square or rectangular space shape, or whatever it is. The point is that the proper reading nook won’t be influenced by the shape or the space size but more by the way it can fulfill your needs for a cozy reading nook. It is about how the decoration can give you a good mood in reading the books without any annoying things.

Basically, each person’s comfort version will be different from one to another. There will be people who can get their comfort in minimalist room decoration with minimum items provided. Otherwise, some people love something colorful and artsy to level up their moods. However, there must be basic things that can be a standard for the comfort of the reading nook. Here, we are trying to spell them out for you.

Providing Bookshelf

Since it is a reading nook, then providing a bookshelf is a must. You can have the big one or the small one, just based on the amount of your book collection. In case you have so many books or you love to buy new books over and over again, then you should provide the big one. However, if reading books is just your way to relax or to spend your free time positively, then may have a small one. The point is to make sure that the bookshelf is reachable from your seating area.


The design of the bookshelf is simple but really proper to store the books. The simple design will let you get a calm effect without being distracted while reading. Bookshelf from @bookedwithrook

Providing Storage

Although it is not something crucial, providing storage is quite important for your reading nook. It can be used to store your things such as glasses, throw blankets, candles, etc. No need to provide in a big size especially if you only have a small reading nook. Just make sure that the size can be proper enough to store your things.


The storage is under the built-in bench. It is a kind of hiding storage that will give you a space-saving storage design. It is great since the reading nook is not spacious enough. Storage from @numbernineteenvintage

Near the Window

Having the reading nook near the window will be functional. It can be a natural light source during the day. Then, it can also let you have a wide sight so that you can look outside while reading the book to rest your mind or to think of the idea of the book’s content you are reading.


The window is quite wide with a frame that won’t obstruct the sunlight from entering the room. It also will let you see the outdoors freely. Near the Window Design from @tales_andtravels

Good Lighting

This one is the most important aspect that you should provide to make your reading nook comfortable and proper. When you are reading, you have to install the good lighting. Don’t install the yellow dim light but the white one. It will help you to see clearly and to maintain your eyes’ health.


The lighting is installed right above the seating area that will expose everything under including you and your book. This kind of installation will let you get the best lighting while reading. Lighting from @amyrooneyinteriors

Warm Color

The warm color will help you get the comfort. It is known that warm colors will be able to make you feel like you are in your comfort zone. The ambiance will be welcoming that will help you want to stay there for a long time. That kind of ambiance is the perfect one for a reading nook.


There is a color combination in this reading nook where all of the colors are warm colors. Let’s say that there are brown colors, beige, grey, and ivory. Warm Color Scheme from @soar_kidz

Comfortable Seating

Another important thing for a reading nook is the seating. It is the one that will be your spot to sit while reading the books. So, make sure that you provide the comfortable one. Not only for the softness of the seating but also for the design. There are some designs that will be aesthetic but can’t give you comfort. In this case, you should think of function first rather than style.


The seating here has a comfortable material with soft and fluffy characteristics. Then, it is completed with a stool of the same height that can be used to put your feet in case you are tired from the current position. Comfortable Seating from @bookish_angela

Cozy Rug

The rug is something that can be ok if you don’t provide it but it is something that will add the comfort of your reading nook in case you have it. Of course, you should choose the rug that can give you comfort. It can be considered from the texture and the materials.


The rug is soft and can give your feet comfort when they touch the rug. Then, the rug also has a shining effect when you touch it which amazingly creates a perfect dimension too. Cozy Rug from @eloise.reads

Good View Spot

The good view will be related to the existence of the window near the reading nook. You should choose the best spot that you have in the house that will let you get a good view. It can boost your mood and imagination for sure.


The seating is positioned to face the window where it has a good outdoor view. The window frame also doesn’t have any cross that will obstruct the view. Good View Spot from @commongroundhsv

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