Gracing Malta can be a magnificent encounter. But looking out for the best city/places to live in Malta needs a more serious methodology, from evaluating various areas to learning about the nearby infrastructure and conveniences to exploring the local property market and conversing with different expats to hear their points of view. 

Malta is a small and easy-to-access nation less than 50km from one end of the main island to another. How hard will it be to track down a spot to reside in a nation where everything is a 35-minute drive from everything else? This article will delve into some of Malta’s top places to reside. 

Top Destinations to Reside in Malta

There are several beautiful places in Malta to visit. Here are some lists you should consider.


Valletta is wealthy in its cultural legacy and is also the country’s capital city. Exemplary meets contemporary in its staggering architecture. There are Baroque castles, the City Gate, and the Parliament House. These were both planned by acclaimed Italian architect Renzo Piano. 

Valletta offers a fabulous mix of old and new experiences for those who plan to live permanently in Malta. This makes the Maltese capital an alluring place for vacationers and potential investors. 


Gozo is a lovely island situated in a short ship ride from Malta. Although smaller than other potential relocation areas in Malta, the island has an advanced business community, including agricultural, tourism, and manufacturing organizations. Another business advantage in Gozo is good quality residents, only that it’s a slower pace with an inviting community.


After a long day at the office, you can relax on the Gzira’s picturesque promenade, just a short bus ride from Valletta. There, you can watch the day turn into the night. 

Aside from the unwinding and business possibilities here, Gzira is likewise a focal point for food. Think food trucks with different cooking styles sitting on your patio, ready to be unraveled. 


Presumably, the most sought-after location while moving to live is Malta for its beauty, commodity, and availability. Sliema is a shoreline city in the heart of Malta’s business and entertainment industries, where shopping centers, cafés, rough sea shores, and an assortment of amusement outlets can be found.

Regardless of the great rental expenses, you will not need to leave the region since there is so much to do. Also, you’ll get a good deal on transportation. Whenever you want a couple of seconds of harmony, extraordinary spas, salons, and 5-star hotels keep you cool as a cucumber. 


Life in Malta is good and comfortable. It’s possibly one of the most affordable nations in the European Union, and it’s not difficult to move to. Regardless of your decision, the locale wherein you raise your family, start your business, or even lay back and loosen up will give you precisely what you’re searching for. Get a home that accommodates your rental needs and spending plan. Finally, reach out to to learn more about Malta’s best residential areas. 

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