With a growth rate far outranking more “popular” states like Florida and Colorado, Utah’s annual rate of 1.5% has continued to rise for over a decade. This number means the search for homes for sale in Utah should be started as soon as you know you’re serious about moving.

So, what exactly is it that’s attracting people to Utah in droves? Here are 7 solid reasons for the consistent population boom.

1. The Stable Economy

In a country where inflation is high and the job market is low, it’s crucial to live where you know you can find work. Utah’s economy continues to grow, adding more jobs and keeping a nationally lower-than-average unemployment rate.

With year-over-year job growth and a continually high employment rate, Utah has gained national consumer confidence, attracting job seekers and those looking for stable lives.

2. The Diversified Job Market

Utah has a versatile range of job openings, unlike many states, where you must conform to the available industries. Whether you’re interested in IT, skiing, or creating a startup, there’s a market for what you offer in Utah. (Side note: If you are a startup, Utah has extremelybusiness-friendly regulations that attract others like you to the state.)

3. A Flat Tax Rate

With so many people trying to save money, it’s understandable that they want to cut how much they owe in taxes where possible. Residents of high-taxed states have flocked to places with friendlier tax structures, but it’s hard to beat Utah’s 4.95% flat rate and low 0.62% property tax.

4. The Climate

Whatever type of weather you’re looking for, there’s someplace in Utah that has it, usually within a day’s drive. The diverse terrain and geography take you high into the mountains or across the vast desert any time of year.

Within this varied topography, you’ll find the Might Five national parks, which attract visitors all year. As a resident, you can explore the Arches National Park in Moab, Bryce Canyon National Park in Bryce, or one of the other three popular parks at any time!

5. The Culture

From the Sundance Film Festival to the Utah Symphony, Utah’s arts and culture scene is massive. Musicians, artists, actors, and others in the arts head to Utah for the high-quality programs and museums available throughout the state.

6. The Food

Yes, Utah is a huge foodie state! Multiple craft breweries call Utah home, including Red Rock and Bohemian. You’ll also quickly catch on to the local favorites, like Bear Lake raspberries, funeral potatoes, and deep-friend scones.

7. Diverse, Family-Friendly Populations

With the influx of new residents to the area, Utah has become a family-friendly state full of a magic mix of demographics. The average age of the state’s residents is 31, and the typical home has 2-3 children. Nearly half the population is raising children. The demographics include 15% who speak languages other than English and 9% who were born outside of America.

These 7 reasons Utah’s population is skyrocketing should convince you that finding your next home in Utah is a wise move.


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