7 different pergola designs for your best outdoor decor

The pergola is an outdoor structure that has already been used since a long century ago. These days, the pergola is built in the backyard or front yard for the patio space, lounge space near the pool, or even for the decorative gate. The pergola itself is a building with no roof or we called it an open-structured roof. However, to fulfill the needs, the pergola roofing is already developed.

Since we already know that too-strong sunlight exposure won’t be good for our skin health, some people add a screen or install a closed-structured roof on their pergolas. With that, you can spend your time under the pergola in more weather and seasonal conditions. Additionally, you can protect the furniture under the pergola by installing the roof or screen.

Besides its real function, a pergola can be a focal point for your outdoor decoration especially when you decorate it well with some details. For example, you can install a string light on the pergola and arrange the installation as aesthetically as possible. Then, you can also have the vines grow creeping the pergola structure till the roofing part which will make the pergola fresh and pretty with a natural touch.

Before choosing the best pergola design for your outdoor space, we want you to see some references that we have gathered below. It will be complete enough as you can see the open-structured roofing and the close-structured roofing and choose which one is the best for you. Also, you will see varied decoration implementations to beautify the pergola without too many ornaments. Here are the references.

Freestanding Pergola

The freestanding pergola is the one that stands independently without being integrated with other parts of the building. The free-standing pergola commonly being used for the gate or built near the pool. That is why it will be built without the shade because the owner will still need the sunlight to really enjoy the weather.


The pergola is in white. It looks simple when seen from the color that is applied. But, you should see the shape and the details of the pergola that make it not boring at all. Freestanding Pergola from @intexmillwork

Adding Screen

The screen is used to protect the area under the pergola not to be influenced by the rain. But still, mostly it will be the shade that still allows you to feel the sunlight. You can do it by installing a transparent pergola screen. It will be beneficial so that you can still feel the warmth of the sunlight without being too much. Also, you can still enjoy your time there even when the rain is falling. Another benefit is that you can protect your furniture from the bad weather.


The pergola is added with a transparent screen. The screen will still allow you to get the warmth of the sunlight yet protect you from the rain. The screen is also durable so you don’t need to change the screen over and over again. Pergola Screen from @ag_lc

Adding Roofing

The roof is quite the same as the screen. The difference is that the roof mostly will be more durable and permanent than the screen. The pergola will have a roof with its real function. Anyway, there are some different roof materials that you can choose from metal, aluminum, polycarbonate, etc.


This one is the kind of retractable roof. Just like its name, this roof can be folded when the weather is good or when you need sunlight exposure. The roof is added with the lighting to enhance the beauty and to give good lighting for the pergola area. Retractable Pergola Roof from @jamdis.ca

Installing Curtain

Adding a curtain is beneficial to minimize sunlight exposure. You can also have privacy by using the curtain. It will be even greater when you can install a pretty or aesthetic curtain design so that you can use the curtain to beautify the decoration of your pergola at once. You should also remember that even when you have the roof for your pergola, when the rain falls, the splash of the water can enter the pergola area. Here, you can use the curtain to protect the area from the water splash.


This curtain has two different materials. The top part of the curtain is transparent to let the sunlight able to enter the area. Then, the bottom part is grey with a thicker material to make it possible to protect the area from the water splash. Pergola Curtain from @terravitaibiza

Installing String Light

The pergola is a good one to be installed with the string light. The pallet and pillar make it possible for the string light to be installed in any shape and design. Also, for the pergola, installing the string light can be the best choice rather than the other kinds of lighting related to the structure of the building. You can use the string light to beautify the decoration at once and to light up the whole area since the string light can be long enough to cover the whole building area.


The string light has varied sizes of the bulbs. This one is an example of a big bulb string light. Well, I know that it doesn’t seem as big but for a string light, this one is big enough. Pergola String Light from @allie_wilson_home

Growing Vines on It

Just like the string light, the vines can be paired with the pergola too. The structure of the pergola can be the best one for the vines to grow beautifully. You will be able to beautify the pergola even without any ornament especially when the vines have flowers.


This one is a kind of vine that has flowers. It will need a quite long process for the vines to grow to the roof part of the pergola but it is worth the wait. Look at how pretty the pergola can be with the existence of the vines. Pergola Vines from @caides_blossoms

Wall-Integrated Pergola

The wall-integrated pergola is a kind of pergola where one side of the pergola is built to stick on the wall. It is totally different from the freestanding pergola which has a complete pillar to let the pergola stand. Because of its design, sometimes we call it the terrace but in fact, it is different from a terrace.


This pergola is integrated with the back side of the building wall. There is a television installed there to let you enjoy your outdoors well. Wall Integrated Pergola from @atriadesigns

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