8 references for your fun beachy room inspo

The beachy atmosphere will always be fresh and calming. What will it be when implemented into a house decoration, especially for your bedroom? I do guarantee that you will be able to get such a good quality time inside your bedroom after your bad day in the office or school. The beachy decoration will be fun and light. It won’t be complicated and simple enough so that you won’t feel burdened. With all of those facts, we do really recommend you implement the beachy design style for your room.

Basically, implementing the beachy decoration style is like putting the beach elements into the room. It doesn’t mean that you can have it for your beach house that is based in the beach area or coast. You can even have it when you live in a town. Creating a beachy room could be done by implementing a certain color like blue or peach coral color. Then, you can also do it by providing items that are available on the beach such as the paddle, anchor, or starfish. The point is how you can bring the beach into your room. Imagine how you can experience summer the whole year while in the room.

Talking about decorating your room with beachy touches, there are some considerations that you should take. The first thing is the comfort. There is nothing more important than the comfort of a bedroom so that you can get the best quality time experience. Then, consider the space. Remember that you can put too many items in the bedroom whether it is the furniture or ornament because that will make the room look crowded. Here we have some ideas for your beachy room inspo so that you can have the best one based on your need and room space condition.

Color Scheme Choices

There will be some color choices that you can pick for the beachy designs. The first is the blue color in different shades. You can have light blue, dark blue, or deep blue sea color, green, and peach color. If you want something more colorful and stand out, you can choose the peach color. If you want a soft color, the light or pale blue color is the best choice. If you want to feel calm feeling, the green color will offer you the best one and so on.


Look at how fresh and relaxing this light blue color can be. It is perfect to be applied in the beachy bedroom. It is then combined with white color to tone down the color and brown color for a more welcoming atmosphere. Light Blue Color from @beach_life_living


This bedroom uses dark blue color for the wall to create a deep blue sea color impression. It is then added with the wave painting on the wall to strengthen the beachy impression. Dark Blue Scheme from @violetmarsh

Beachy Furniture

You can have some furniture by using some beach items. It is great since you can even make it yourself by doing DIY projects. You just have to find the items. For example, you can use the surfboard to be the tabletop. Or, you can have the sisal furniture product like storage.


Look at how perfect the sisal stool looks like. No need to worry about its comfort because it can still be bouncy but sturdy at the same time. The style impression is really beachy and the back-to-nature theme makes the bedroom feel welcoming. Sisal Stool from @emilymossdesigns


This bed frame has a unique design and can be a reference if you want to order your bed frame for your beachy room style. The bed frame has a wave shape on its headboard. This one is unique and can represent beachy style really well. Wave Bed Frame from @lizcarrollinteriors

Beachy Ornament

This one will be easier since there will be many possibilities. Let’s say that you can use the shells and starfish to be the ornament. Then, you can also display the anchor on the wall to strengthen the beachy atmosphere. Here are the ideas for your inspo.


The surfboard on the wall right over the headboard is painted with a sea wave pattern. The painting gives the room get more authentic beachy style impression. Surf Board Ornament from @stikwooddesign


There are some varied corals on the rack beside the bed. It can’t be doubted that with all of those ornaments, you can get the beachy room impression. Sea Living Thing Ornament from @jennasuedesign

Beachy Home Accessories

Examples of home accessories are rugs, lampshades, curtains, cushions, etc. For beachy accessories, you can use the sisal rug, crafted lampshade, macrame curtain, etc. Anyway, you can have other items that do not come from the beach but something that is commonly used for coastal homes or coast houses.


The lampshade is made of sisal with an unfinished touch for a more aesthetic look. The sisal material is the authentic one since it grows in the beach area. Sisal Lampshade from @sun.republic.aus


The cushions’ pattern is starfish which is really cute and such a great idea to present the beachy room style. The color of the starfish is orange that also classified as the coral color. Seastar Cushions from @staceylapukinteriors

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