Maximalist decor 10 ways to get eclectic apartment decor

Creating an eclectic apartment decor is important because it allows you to showcase your unique personality and style through a mix of different design elements. This type of decor can also create a visually interesting and dynamic space that keeps your home feeling fresh and inspiring.

One way to get an eclectic apartment look is to decorate it with maximalist decor. Maximalist decor in apartments allows for a bold and eclectic style that can make a statement and showcase your personality. This decoration style can involve mixing bold patterns, vibrant colors, and a variety of textures to create a visually stimulating space. Incorporating statement furniture pieces and unique accessories can further enhance the overall maximalist aesthetic of the apartment.

Choosing a Color Scheme

  • Incorporating bold and vibrant colors

Incorporating bold and vibrant colors can create an eclectic apartment decor that can bring a sense of energy and personality to the space. Consider adding bold accent walls or colorful furniture pieces to make a statement in each room. You can also add bold accent pieces, such as throw pillows, rugs, or artwork, to make a statement without overwhelming the room. Balance out the vibrant colors with neutral tones in larger furniture pieces to create a cohesive and visually appealing design.

Bold and vibrant apartment decor

Applying a dark blue color to the walls and sofa and contrasting it with a white color can create eclectic apartment decor that is both modern and inviting. The addition of metallic accents and bold patterns can further enhance the overall aesthetic of the space. Dark blue walls and sofa from

  • Mixing patterns and textures

Mixing patterns and textures to decorate the apartment in a maximalist way. It can create an eclectic look and help to add depth and visual interest to the space. By incorporating a variety of patterns and materials, you can achieve a unique and vibrant aesthetic that reflects your style.

Eclectic apartment decor by mixing patterns and textures

Putting together a vibrant patterned rug with a rough surface and a brightly colored velvet sofa makes a striking difference that gives the room depth and visual interest. The variety of patterns and textures also helps make the space feel warm and cozy. Mixing patterns and textures from @letsby.avenue

  • Adding metallic accents

Adding metallic accents to the apartment decor for a touch of glamour can elevate the overall aesthetic and create a modern, sophisticated look. Consider incorporating metallic elements through accessories like mirrors, picture frames, or lighting fixtures for a subtle yet impactful effect.

Adding metallic accents for a touch of glamour

Giving metallic touches to eclectic apartment decor through the silver table and chair legs can add a modern and sleek aesthetic to the space. This subtle addition can help tie together different design elements and create a cohesive look. Silver accents from @designattractor

Furniture and Decor Selection

  • Opting for statement furniture pieces

Don’t forget to add statement furniture pieces. It can create an eclectic apartment that can add a unique touch to your living space. Consider incorporating a bold statement sofa or a vibrant accent chair to add personality to the room. These pieces can serve as conversation starters and elevate the overall aesthetic of your apartment.

Statement furniture for creating an eclectic apartment decor

Placing a large blue sofa with patterned throw pillows and a checkered rug can create an eclectic look in this apartment. Consider incorporating some plants or greenery to bring in a natural element and create a more inviting space. Blue sofa from @theobert_pot

  • Incorporating vintage and antique pieces

Incorporating vintage and antique pieces can add character and create an eclectic look in your apartment. Mixing older pieces with modern furniture can also help to tell a unique story and showcase your taste. For example, pairing a modern sofa with a vintage coffee table can create a unique and visually interesting space. Also, you can consider incorporating items like a vintage rug or antique mirror to add depth and interest to your space.

Vintage and antique pieces

Combining a modern sofa and floor lamps with a vintage coffee table and rug creates eclectic apartment decor. It can create a unique and stylish look that blends different design styles seamlessly. The mix of old and new elements adds character and personality to the space, making it feel curated and inviting. Vintage items from @koireevelyn

Layering and Textiles

  • Layering with rugs

Adding a rug to maximalist apartment decor can create a cozy and visually interesting space. Choosing a patterned rug can add depth and personality to the room, while also helping to define different areas within the space. Additionally, choosing rugs in bold colors or unique shapes can further enhance the eclectic vibe of a maximalist design.

Layering the apartment floor with patterned rug

Layering the wood floor with a patterned rug will make your apartment look cozy and add a pop of color to the space. It will also help define different areas within the room, creating a more visually appealing layout. Patterned rug from @kimlisea

  • Mixing different textiles

You can also mix different textiles in your apartment, such as velvet, silk, and faux fur. Mixing different textiles can add depth and visual interest to your space. It creates a more dynamic and eclectic atmosphere. You can apply it to throw pillows, blankets, or rugs. Just be sure to balance textures and colors to achieve a cohesive look.

Mixing different textiles and textures

Mixing a velvet sofa, cotton throw pillows, and a faux fur stool will create an eclectic look in this apartment decor. The combination of different textures and materials will add depth and visual interest to the space. This eclectic mix will also provide a cozy and inviting atmosphere for guests to enjoy. Mixing textiles from @monsanctuaire_eclectic

Wall Decor and Accessories

  • Create a gallery wall

Create an eclectic apartment decor by creating a gallery wall with diverse artwork. You can mix and match different styles, sizes, and mediums to add visual interest and personality to your space. Consider incorporating personal photos, vintage finds, and unique prints to make the gallery wall truly one-of-a-kind.

Creating a gallery wall with diverse artwork

Decorate the apartment walls with different sizes, themes, and kinds of artwork to create an eclectic look. Incorporating a variety of frames and hanging styles will further enhance the eclectic feel of the decor. Eclectic gallery wall from @letsby.avenue

  • Incorporating mirrors

Adding mirrors to the apartment decor can create the illusion of more space and light, making the area feel larger and brighter. But if you want an eclectic look in your apartment, you can choose a mirror with a unique shape or frame to add personality and visual interest to the space. Alternatively, you can also consider placing mirrors strategically to reflect natural light and enhance the overall ambiance of the room.

Incorporating mirrors with a unique shape

Hanging a mirror with an organic frame will create an aesthetic look. Placing it near the vibrant gallery wall makes your apartment more eclectic and lively. Organic mirror frame from @designattractor

  • Displaying collections

Furthermore, you can display your collections in your apartment. This will not only add a personal touch to your living space but also serve as a conversation starter for guests. Consider arranging your collections in a visually appealing way to showcase them effectively. Such as, display it on the walls, shelves, or open cabinets.

Wall decor ideas with the collection of city photography

Displaying some city photography collections combined with vintage wall decor on the walls of the apartment can create a unique and eclectic atmosphere. This mix of modern and classic elements can add character and personality to the space, making it feel both stylish and inviting. City photography from @the_decor_studio

Maximalist decor is all about embracing bold colors, patterns, and textures to create a visually stimulating space that reflects your unique personality. By incorporating a mix of vintage and modern pieces, layering textiles, and adding unexpected elements like statement lighting or oversized artwork, you can achieve an eclectic apartment decor that is both stylish and inviting.

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