8 aesthetic work desk designs to increase your mood

Increasing the mood while working can be done by many things and one of them is by providing an aesthetic work desk design. With a good desk impression, it will make your mind happy and your mood can be increased automatically. Doing your work in a good mood will be such a beneficial one. You can present your best performance and get the best work result. In this case, the home office and the office desk will be the same. Even if it is an office desk, it doesn’t mean that you can’t have an aesthetic one especially if you work in a creative company.

Anyway, even when here we highlight the aesthetic side of the desk, it doesn’t mean that we don’t think of the comfort. Of course, the comfort becomes the first consideration. Here, we ask you to have an aesthetic one so that you can get extra comfort and functionality from the desk. In this case, you should be careful in adding some items to make the desk look aesthetic. You can make the desk full of unimportant items related to the work until it is difficult for you to put your laptop or write on the desk. You should spare the space for your working activities.

To have an aesthetic work desk, there are two main things that you should consider. The first one is the internal aspect which is the design of the desk itself. Then the second one is the external aspect such as ornament, storage, greenery, accessories, etc. Here are the details references that you can take.

Desk Choices

There will be so many desk designs that you can have. From the single table without any cabinet or drawer to the multi-functional one with drawers or cabinets. The shapes of the desks will also be varied from the minimalist one to the unique artistic one. All are great just based on your own taste and the design style you want to create.


This is the kind of desk that doesn’t have any drawer or storage. The design is simple but it still has an aesthetic value. You can see it from the legs of the desk that are built with details so that it won’t be too common and boring. Simple Yet Unique Desk from @dom_pod_katalpa


The table is covered with grey patterned leather material. The pattern is able to bring a dimension which is great. Then, you should also see the gold buttons that are installed there to add an aesthetic and luxurious impression. Leather Covered Desk from @livingetcind


This desk is really unique. You can one of the desk legs is in a big round wood material that functions as the cabinet at once. Not only aesthetic but it is also really functional. Artistic Desk Design from @livingetcind

Adding Personal Touches

The personal touch is about adding your personal items. It can be functional not only to make the desk aesthetic but also to increase your mood since you must love to have it there. For example, you can display your collections, your family pictures, or anything you like there.


This decoration is done by maximizing the wall space and making the desk area stay clean. The personal touches are on the wall where everything provided there is the owner’s favorite. Wall Gallery from @the.vivid.saga

Decorative Storage

The storage can be made into an aesthetic one. It won’t be only about a space in square or round shapes to put things. You can even have one in a unique material. In case you can provide unique storage, you can beautify the decoration and make the desk more aesthetic without adding too many ornament details.


The storage is like a basket that is made of wire iron material. There are also some hooks added to make the storage more functional. This kind of storage can be aesthetic even when the color is black. Wall Storage from @suppus_home


You should see the hanging storage on the left side of the table. It is made in 3 levels by using macrame. It is really artistic, unique, and functional for sure. Hanging Storage from @thatyellowtrunk


We can’t doubt the ability of the greenery to make the decoration look better. No matter what the room or object to be decorated, using the greenery will always be proper including for the work desk decoration. You can make the greenery to be seen as aesthetic by choosing the right colors or shape of the foliage or you can get the aesthetic value from the pots.


It is adorable where there are so many different kinds of greenery provided. From size, type of the plants, and even the pots are varied. It makes the greenery able to bring an aesthetic value to the desk decoration. Varied Kinds of Greenery and Pots from @pinklayindia

Harmonious Desk Chair

The chair becomes part of the desk even when it is a different item. It is because the existence of the chair can’t be separated from the desk. To add the aesthetic side of the desk, you can choose the harmonious desk design. It can be from the style of the chair or the color and details.


The chair is made of harmonious wood material for the back chair part. The wood has a natural pattern which is great and aesthetic for sure. Harmonious Desk Chair from @thrive.living

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