Sometimes it can be a bit too easy to dump unwanted or unnecessary items in the garage. Storing them away and inevitably forgetting about them or losing them in the rest of the chaos.  

With spring on the horizon, it’s the perfect time to tackle the garage and give it a good clean, decluttering it and tidying it up. Allowing you to pack your winter essentials away, clearing a path to your spring and summer essentials such as the lawn mower hidden behind boxes.  


 Spring cleaning your garage isn’t a quick and easy task. You need to make sure you have ample time to complete the task, whether it takes a few hours, a day or an entire weekend. It helps if you do it on a nice day as you can move things in and out of the garage without worrying about them getting ruined. 

Make sure to grab cleaning supplies too such as brooms, mops and cleaners. You’ll want to load up on bin bags and gloves too  

Consider investing in shelving or storage units to help keep your garage neat and tidy! It might be worth creating zones in your garage as well, allowing you to store items in specific categories such as tools, gardening supplies, seasonal decorations, household items, etc.  

 Declutter Your Garage 

 There’s no effortless way to go about decluttering when you’ve accumulated a lot of items. It’s best to start in one section and work your way around. See what works, what doesn’t, what’s old and what’s useful. With each item, ask yourself if you need it or not. Be ruthless in your decision-making and set aside items to donate, recycle or responsibly dispose of.  

 Clean Thoroughly  

Once the clutter’s out of the way, cleaning the garage isn’t so difficult.  

You’ll want to dust the corners, getting rid of any cobwebs that might have formed. Give any surfaces – shelves and windowsills – a wipe down to remove any dust or grime that’s built up. Don’t forget to clean your windows, doors and doorframe too! 

Sweep the floor to gather any large bits of rubbish before going over with a vacuum to get the final remnants of dust.  

With that done, you’ll want to wash your garage floor. There are several ways to go about this and it depends on the materials used. Using a garden hose and gentle cleaner or industrial grade steam cleaner are common methods, working best for concrete floors. However, if you decided to have luxury vinyl tiles (LVT) instead, which are a good choice for more inactive areas, then you’ll want to avoid using an excessive amount of water. 

 Organise Your Garage  

With the clutter gone and your garage sparkly clean, you’ll want to assess your storing and organising systems.  

As mentioned before, you should consider investing in more storage solutions like shelves or units. This will help you keep everything tidy and if you label everything, it’ll be easier to find in the future.  

Additionally, designating areas for specific things is another beneficial way to organise your garage. For example, keeping your gardening supplies together in a corner near the front of your garage would be useful, especially for the upcoming seasons.  

 Spring Cleaning Your Garage  

Now that your garage is cleaner and tidier than ever, you can relax and enjoy the rest of your free time. Just try to keep it that way! Make sure to put things back in the right place and any new additions should be put in the right zone too.  

With a regular sweep and clean as well as a periodic decluttering session, your garage should remain tidy for a long time.  


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