With the advancement of technology, scores of cool gadgets have become part of every home, transforming people’s lifestyles. These gadgets are not only fancy, but they also offer quick solutions to common problems. The simple design and improved functions reduce human effort and conserve space. Having that said, how about using such gadgets for cleaning rooms. 

Logic dictates that a clean living environment makes people happier and more productive, but most of us dislike cleaning. This is where all these cool devices come into play. You would just need a little time and effort to learn how to use them and your life is sorted. 

And oh, you surely need a reliable internet connection because all these smart cleaning devices are interlinked and are operational remotely. If you have a sloppy connection at home, we can even help you with that. You can, for instance, go with Xfinity if it is available in your area. The rates and plans are pretty affordable so do not worry about the finances. Additionally, Xfinity Customer Service is quite prompt, supportive and available 24/7. 

Anyway, below are our favorite smart home cleaning tools for you to invest in:

The Microfibre Robot Cleaning Ball

The days when vacuum cleaners were considered luxuries are long gone – it is a real pain to vacuum all the dust from carpets. Can you relate? Well, you are not the only one then. For those of you who hate dusting and cleaning, this amazingly cute microfiber ball of fur is a lifesaver. Dust bunnies are whizzed around the house by the Robot Cleaning Ball, a fluffy robotic duster. Whenever an obstacle is encountered, it automatically changes directions.

Moreover, your pets and children can play with it as a toy. Even though it doesn’t hide any birds inside, cats just love to chase it! The fur coat can be easily washed in the washing machine after the cleaning session is over. Several cutesy colors are available for the Mocoro Robot Cleaning Ball, including shocking pink, bright orange, and pastel green.

iRobot Roomba 690

Yes, now cleaning is just a voice away with this tool. With its three-stage cleaning system, iRobot’s robot vacuum can clean various types of flooring, navigate around objects, respond to voice commands with Alexa or Google Assistant, and run continuously for an hour. This vacuum cleaner offers strong suction, an effective spinning side brush, and the ability to be controlled and programmed from an app, making it a worthy competitor with high-end models. 

Energy Star Portable Dishwasher

Who hates doing the dishes? We see that almost everyone does! This is where a dishwasher comes into action. In addition, if it is a great one like Energy Star Portable Dishwasher then doing dishes would be a fun task. This portable dishwasher cleans dishes perfectly without any noise. 

Its stainless steel interior is durable and does not wear out over time. It has spacious, adjustable racks. Having a bad headache after a hectic day is sorted by its low noise during operation. In addition to the 6 wash programs (all-in-one, normal, heavy, light, rinse and speed), this dishwasher has a faucet adapter so that you can connect it quickly to your faucet.


Do you have pets at home? Well, don’t worry about the cleaning because there is a tool for that. Even though cats tend to require less maintenance than dogs, you will still need some time and energy to do the cleaning. This tool automatically separates the clean litter from the clumps and drops the waste into a carbon-filtered drawer, almost completely eliminating one of the more unpleasant tasks associated with being a cat owner. 

Moreover, Multi-cat households will find it ideal since it has a large entrance that accommodates cats of all sizes. 

iTouchless 13 Gallon Automatic Sensor 

Which room needs the most cleaning in your house? Well, it is either the bathroom or the kitchen. For majority, it is the kitchen, so here we are with a tool for that. The amazing tool makes it easier to maintain hygiene in the kitchen. Using reflex sensor technology, its automatic lid senses your reflexes and opens and closes automatically so you can throw away trash quickly.

What is the process? By placing your hand six inches above this infrared sensor, you will trigger the lid to release the lid, thereby eliminating cleaning stress. Unlike regular trash cans, it does not include an inner bucket, so it is more efficient and provides 25% more space. Your kitchen will be able to benefit from its strategic placement thanks to its lightweight design. In addition, its powerful carbon odor filter can effectively remove bad odors from your kitchen.

Tired already?

Well, we will stop it here then. That is enough cleaning and working for today. Will do the rest some other day.

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