Wedding day is a special moment to have for every couple. Surely, it’s related to the venue whether for ceremony or the reception. Talking about wedding day, wedding garden is nice to have in creating momorable moment. Natural view and fresh blooms can be the parts of your special day.

Let see how impressive your wedding ceremony for you and your guests. It is a must, to make your wedding day become the most beautiful day or your life. Shabby chic wedding garden is one of the best choices for having an astonishing design for you. Here are some wedding garden designs that will purify your wedding sacred ritual.

Succulent gardens quickly become a fast-growing craze. It is not surprising to see how you can add succulents and grow them beautifully in almost all climates. We all know how easy it is to keep a life in succulents. They have a unique ability to store water so you do not have to water it too often. It makes them perfect to grow inside and outside the room. Having a little knowledge about the many varieties commonly found in succulent vineyards that come in a variety of styles, sizes, colors and even varied flowers, is very important. You need that knowledge when deciding what you want to make before planting your fresh garden. Let’s look at some great examples of the fresh look that will surely give you a new passion to have this plant around your home.

Spring here and now is not a bad time to start thinking about taking care of your garden so you will be able to enjoy it during the spring. The Shabby Chic style is one of the most popular talking about setting up a romantic garden. A big advantage of the Shabby chic style is the advantageous opportunity to reuse furniture and other antique items. The result is a on budget garden decoration and rather nostalgic that one could not deny the powerful visual impact.

Greenhouse is not only beautiful but useful for our house. Unfortunately, not all people has large space to fill their garden with greenhouse. But, you don’t have to worry, because you can make mini greenhouse at your house. Here are eight inspiring mini greenhouse for small space that you try;

It’s more than just swimming in a clean pool. The existence of a swimming pool in the backyard or hillside home can be a very nice space to have. Even you enjoying the warmth of fireplace with a lovely view of the pool by providing cozy couches there. If you like listening to the clatter of water, the addition of mini waterfall is also an interesting idea. Are you curious? Let’s check the ideas bellow.

Fencing your garden is necessary for covering your garden that may be will develop. It will highlight and support planters, backdrops, or keep your vegetables and flowers under cover. You can choose the fence styles that fit on your garden. In attempt to make beautiful view of backyard, here are some fence designs for you.

Doing sport activities may be the prior for anyone who has interest on it. You can take benefit of the […]

Sometimes quitness will give you inspiration and peace. Retreat for a moment in a secret garden is one of the things you can do to enjoy the quiteness. Moreover, it can be identified with green scenery and fresh air that will refresh your mind. Then, what secret garden design do you want to fulfill your desire? These are the image of ideas to inspire you.

Planting many kind of herbs in pot is a very interesting idea. It benefits to provide daily fresh herbs at your home. There are several ways you can do to grow herbs in your home, one of them is indoor vertical garden. For you who are interested in indoor gardening, here you can find some inspirations that you can reach