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Getting an appealing garden look is such a pleasant thing. An attractive garden will attract the attention of anyone who sees it. It will also enhance your exterior design. Related to that, creating an attractive garden is quite easy if you design it properly. Not only for the landscape but also for other things. In this case, a beautiful garden decoration is never complete without lightings. In addition to light up your garden, the garden lightings can also be used to beautify your garden and create a dramatic look. Because of its importance, adding a garden lighting is a must. Therefore, there are several types of garden lighting that you can choose from. The type you choose is dependent on the look and feel you want for your outdoor space.

The garden lighting include spotlights. If you are looking for a way to add drama and intrigue to your outdoor space, then consider incorporating some spotlights into your landscape lighting plan. This is a great option for highlighting a statue, tree, or a water feature. For your large areas, you can use floodlights. You can also install string lights. Outdoor string lights are an easy and affordable way to illuminate your garden. They can be wrapped around trees, trellises, or even posts. String lights also have a variety of bulbs to choose from. Also, using LED garden lights is another option, as they are energy-efficient.

Moreover, deck lighting can enhance the appeal of your deck and add a glow when it’s dark outside. It can also increase safety. You can also purchase solar-powered lights. Solar lights are one of the most popular options. For another option, you can use lanterns, candles, hardscape lights, moonlighting, and more. Choosing the right type of lighting for your yard can make a huge difference in how it looks and how well you use your yard. Here are some ideas for you.

Types of garden lightings to choose from 1

Spotlights for Trees


To highlight the beauty of some of the trees in your garden, using a spotlight is a great option when used at night. Use a spotlight that has an amber glow for an added warm hue that will complement this intimate garden décor. Spotlight for Trees from @house_on_the_crescent

DIY Colorful Lantern Ideas


The hanging lantern, which is made of colorful paper, has the best texture. You can hang it from a tree using a rope that is sturdy enough to prevent it from falling easily when used for a long time. You can make this DIY garden lantern design yourself according to the budget you have. DIY Colorful Lantern Ideas from @denkinesiskebutik

Candle Lantern for Garden Lighting


Apart from being a great lighting for outdoor decoration, the use of candle lanterns of different sizes is suitable for making the atmosphere around it warmer. You can add other lighting when needed, for example using a hanging string light that is applied to the fences. Candle Lantern for Garden Lighting from @benjis_newmore

Copper Tea Pot Lighting


Take a look at the copper tea pot light design applied to this part of the garden. Isn’t it interesting and ready to be made as the focal point of your garden. Yes, you can arrange the right and strategic layout so that everyone who visits your home can see it. This tea pot is perfected with a more magical DIY string light. Copper Tea Pot Lighting from @ae_banks

LED Wall Garden Ideas


Make your backyard garden more visually appealing in the best way you can do it yourself. For example, you can apply some LED lighting to a fairly high privacy wall. These LED lights come in quite a number so they are ready to be used as the main lighting for your garden. LED Wall Garden Ideas from @haswellhouse

String Bulb Lighting


Adjust the budget that you have with the decorative lights that will be used in your garden. When you have a low budget, using string bulb lighting is a smart choice that you can use. These lamps are easier to find and can also be purchased online at very affordable prices. String Bulb Lighting from @vartlillagrona

Mason Jar Lighting On a Budget


Hang mason jar lights right under the trees in your garden at different heights to make it look more varied. At this time, you can fill the mason jar with string lights that will look sparkling at night. It becomes cheap lighting that doesn’t cost a lot. Mason Jar Lighting On a Budget from @vartlillagrona

Solar Lanterns by the Path


Solar lanterns installed along the path to the garden give it a modern look that will never go out of style. You can choose and use solar lanterns with white lighting which will work more optimally when the atmosphere outside the room starts to feel darker. Solar Lanterns by the Path from @mariapaalmbacken

Landscape Lighting Ideas


Some of the landscape lights that are applied with a layout that is not too far away are ready to be used at night. Some of the lights will highlight the area of trees and greenery in this garden. This garden lamp is hidden and usually placed behind the green plants in this garden. Landscape Lighting Ideas from @helena.karlanda


When the atmosphere in your garden decoration starts to feel darker, then it’s time for outdoor lights to work. Use only floodlights to illuminate your large space. Dramatic lighting can be placed not too far away. Floodlight Behind the Trees from @bamboosouthcoast

Two Garden Lighting Design


These two different types of garden lights can be used simultaneously at night. Recessed railing and LED lights on this deck will work well together and will support your activities at night. Just choose and use outdoor lights with orange lighting for a warmer look. Two Garden Lighting Design from @greengenielandscapes

Yellow Solar Garden Light


This solar garden with yellow lighting has a unique and attractive design and shape. You can use more than one and can apply it to trimmed parts of the shrub with the same shape and size. This solar garden light is ready to be used as an outdoor statement. Yellow Solar Garden Light from @sarahravensgarden

Magic Garden Lighting


Don’t just use yellow and white garden lighting. Now you can use garden lighting with other colors, for example, combining blue tree lighting with a touch of pink lighting that will look magical and add visual appeal. Magic Garden Lighting from @glimtbybloch

Stars String Light Ideas


If you don’t have a lot of budget for garden lighting ideas then just look for and use it with cheap lighting that can be easily found in any area. For example, you can use string light stars to be extended to the existing hedges. Stars String Light Ideas from @mels_home_and_garden

Christmas String Light for Outdoor Garden


The Christmas string lights that were tried in this backyard garden have a large enough number to be able to get a warm impression that can be obtained instantly. You can try applying it to the existing green plants and shrubs in a neat and orderly arrangement. Christmas String Light for Outdoor Garden from @ukrytewtrawie

LED Garden Edging Ideas


This LED edging garden looks like a line that gives it a different look. It is suitable for modern and minimalist garden decorations. Combine with spotlights to make it brighter, use these two lights together according to your garden lighting needs. LED Garden Edging Ideas from @wilshereinterior

Spotlights Plant for your Garden


Spotlights that are installed in this garden area will make green plants visible clearly when it is dark outside. Adjust the layout of the spotlights plants so that they are not too far or too close so they will work optimally, just use them as needed. Spotlights Plant from @ourregent22.ourhome

Colorful Bulb Lighting Ideas


Take advantage of the trees in your garden to use as an area to hang several colorful string lights that can be used as the main lighting in your garden. The color of the bulb string light that you can choose right now is a combination of purple, blue, yellow, red and orange which makes the area around it livelier. Colorful Bulb Lighting Ideas from @keithnorthumberland

Retaining Wall Lights


Applying light along the wall up the stairwell can be especially beneficial at night. The lights that are installed at the same distance will guide you to the park more safely. Make sure you choose waterproof LED lights for this garden lighting option. Retaining Wall Lights from @ecmgroupuk_

Statement Ball Garden Lighting


Present a different atmosphere in the garden area by using ball garden lighting. Use ball lighting to light up your garden at night, its unique shape and various sizes will give your garden a unique impression. Ball Garden Lighting from @wg_outdoorlife

Water Feature Lighting Ideas


Create a miracle by installing lights on the pond in your garden. Install it at a certain point, for example right under the falling water which will emit extraordinary light on your garden. Don’t hesitate to install lights at other points, with lots of lights in the water, your garden will shine brighter. Water Feature Lighting Ideas from @butiklistrik

Stairs Garden Lighting


Give directions on the garden stairs so you can find out which way to go. One way you can do this is by installing staircase garden lighting, using LED lighting because it can emit bright light and also doesn’t require a lot of energy so it will save your expenses. Stairs Garden Lighting from @dixonslandscapes

Tree Garden Lighting


If you are confused about additional lighting for your garden, try installing lights on tall trees in your garden. This lamp can perfectly illuminate every corner of the garden because of its high position, besides that the lights on this tree will also give a unique impression. Tree Garden Lighting from @wildernesschic

DIY Arched Lighting


If you have an arch in the garden area, there’s nothing wrong with enhancing it by using outdoor lighting that can make its presence visible at night. You can use orange lighting for a warmer touch. DIY Arched Lighting from @syadrosli

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