24. attic master bedroom

To make the most of your home’s square footage by using an extra living space in the attic is a wonderful idea. Read this article to get the best tips on making your attic space as your master bedroom. First of all, assess you space by measure every available nook and cranny in your attic space because there are so many ways to work with low eaves, small nook and narrow passage. Embrace the romance of an attic bedroom with cozy stuff by adding a natural choice.

Increase storage with a comfy little bed nook is more functional when you add slim bedside shelving plus storage at the foot and under the bed. If you have basic carpentry skills and a DIY bent, construct something similar to the desk using cut-to-order lumber and floating shelving for a feature that makes the usage of every inch of space. To maximize your space, choose white for the ceiling, walls and floors. Now take a look at these 17 lovely attic master bedroom decor ideas to inspire you below.


Vintage Rustic Traditional Nightstand Bedside Lamps


A Country Bedroom with the a Frame Ceiling

A country bedroom with the a frame ceiling
Source : Pinterest

Antique Blue, Sand, and Creamy White Classic Bedroom

Antique blue, sand, and creamy white classic bedroom
Source : Pinterest

Attic Bedroom Inspiration with Rack Book

Attic bedroom inspiration with rack book
Source : Pinterest

Attic Bedroom Shabby White

Attic bedroom shabby white
Source : Pinterest

Attic Bedroom with Horizontal Wood Plank Wall

Attic bedroom with horizontal wood plank wall
Source : Pinterest

Beach Cottage Loft

Beach cottage loft
Source : Pinterest

Bedroom in the Attic

Bedroom in the attic
Source : Pinterest

Cozy Cottage Style Bedroom in the Attic

Cozy cottage style bedroom in the attic
Source : Pinterest

Iron Beds in Modern Bedrooms

Iron beds in modern bedrooms
Source : Pinterest

Lovely Storage for Books at the Attic

Lovely storage for books at the attic
Source : Pinterest

Master Bedroom with the Brick

Master bedroom with the brick
Source : Pinterest

Master Bedroom with the Wooden Ceilings

Master bedroom with the wooden ceilings
Source : Pinterest

Modern Rustic Bedroom in the Attic

Modern rustic bedroom in the attic
Source : Pinterest

Rustic Attic Bedroom

Rustic attic bedroom
Source : Pinterest

Rustic Bedroom in Attic

Rustic bedroom in attic
Source : Pinterest

The Loft Bedroom

The loft bedroom
Source : Pinterest

Vintage Cottage Attic Bedroom

Vintage cottage attic bedroom
Source : Pinterest

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