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17 Modern Scandinavian Interior Design Ideas

The Scandinavian interior design and style has swept the world over with their distinct look. This style is focus on simplicity minimalism and functionality. Lighting for this style is the key for mood building illumination; candle is also a must because it adds a touch of whimsy and glow to a space. Clean lines are it in terms of furniture; sofas, tables and chairs with smooth rounded edges and natural hues.


In Scandinavian style, flooring traditionally is hard-wood and it often left in it’s natural color or painted white. And it is also important to have living elements of color and beauty such as fresh flower; tulips, arrange bouquets, succulents and etc. whites, grays, blacks and browns are so Scandinavian style because it often interwoven creating a clean and calming look. Now take a look at these 17 modern Scandinavian interior design ideas below to inspire you.

Scandinavian Bathroom Ideas You Should Know

Scandinavian bathroom ideas you should know
Source : Pinterest

Cozy Scandinavian Villa Full of Retro Design

Cozy scandinavian villa full of retro design
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Gorgeous Scandinavian Interior Design Ideas

Gorgeous scandinavian interior design ideas
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Inspiring Modern Scandinavian Kitchen Ideas

Inspiring modern scandinavian kitchen ideas
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Minimalist Living Room with a Scandinavian Touch

Minimalist living room with a scandinavian touch
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Modern Boho Scandinavian Interiors

Modern boho scandinavian interiors
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Modern Rustic Scandinavian Bedroom Decor

Modern rustic scandinavian bedroom decor
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Modern Rustic Scandinavian Interior Design

Modern rustic scandinavian interior design
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Modern Scandinavian Living Room Design with Lighting

Modern scandinavian living room design with lighting
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Modern Scandinavian Living Room Design

Modern scandinavian living room design
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Need for a Scandinavian Bedroom

Need for a scandinavian bedroom
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Scandinavian Design with Get to Know this All White Design Project

Scandinavian design with get to know this all white design project
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Scandinavian Interior Design in a Modern Apartment

Scandinavian interior design in a modern apartment
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Scandinavian Modern Tiny House

Scandinavian modern tiny house
Source : Pinterest

Scandinavian office ideas for inspiration for every room

Scandinavian office ideas for inspiration for every room
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Stylish Scandinavian Bedroom Decor Ideas

Stylish scandinavian bedroom decor ideas
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Tricks to Steal From Stylish Scandinavian Interiors

Tricks to steal from stylish scandinavian interiors
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