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The easiest decorating pallets to execute but can also be one of the most difficult things to do is decorating a monochromatic color scheme. A monochromatic space uses varying tints and shades of single color to great effect while mixing various textures while keep it interesting. If it’s done wrong, your space will become boring room with no variety or interest. The misconception of monochromatic scheme is that using only one hue throughout a room without variation.


Actually, any color can be used in monochromatic scheme. For example, a room can be decorated with navy, robbin’s egg blue, palest sky blue, periwinkle and cadet blue; all of it can be used because it is variations of blue. You can also use white or neutrals to back up your primary hue. Take a look at these 15 inspiring monochromatic bedroom ideas below to inspire you.

Bedroom with Similar Colors


Cool, interesting and never fails is the bedroom decoration which is dominated by splashes of gray. When you want a brighter room appearance, you should just use a splash of light gray color to all parts of the interior used. Light Gray Color Scheme from @itsmyfirsthome

Add Outdoor View Area


The transparent glass window used in this bedroom decoration allows you to enjoy the outdoor view freely. To keep the glass surface shiny and free from dust, you can do regular cleaning by applying cleaning fluid and wiping it with a soft cloth. Transparent Glass Window Bedroom from @melbournepropertystylinggroup


There are many benefits that you can get from using glass windows in your bedroom decoration. One of them is to include sunlight and can be used as an area to enjoy outdoor views. Cover also with curtains in order to limit the entry of sunlight. Large Window Bedroom Ideas from @creativesbyrimaa

Bedroom with Stripped Pattern


In order to create a bedroom that has a monochromatic accent, you can use striped wallpaper. This wallpaper has two colors to make it a striped pattern, white and black are perfect for decorating your monochromatic bedroom and you can also mix it with other decorations that have the same color to make it more harmonious. Striped Wallpaper Design from @the_lasthouse


If you apply a monochromatic theme to your bedroom, try using a striped pattern for an accent that supports the theme of your room. Striped bedding is an easy way to create a monochromatic atmosphere in your bedroom. Not only that, you can also complete it with two or three pillows with the same pattern as the bedding, namely striped pillows. Striped Bedding Ideas from @da_lalalia_home_xo


To present a comfortable and not boring bedroom look, you can try combining several different patterns for the selection of decorations you use. For example by juxtaposing striped pillows and a checkered blanket, but you have to use the same color on these two items to get a matching look. Mix Pattern Fabric Bedding from @mojedolcevitablog


Cover the bedroom floor with a striped rug that has a mix of black and white. This rug design has a vertical striped pattern so it looks more stylish and makes the room look wider, open and beautiful. Floral lampshade is a mix of patterns that can work well together. Striped Black and White Rug from @sbredin

Bench and Rug in Bedroom


When your bedroom decor will be perfected by using benches and rugs, it’s a good idea to choose both with matching color choices. Beige color is the best choice that seems more neutral too. Use a bench with velvet material to have a more comfortable surface. Use Bench and Rugs with Matching Colors from @noba.interiordesign

Bohemian Bedroom


A new look can be easily obtained in your bohemian bedroom decor. What you can do right now is add a splash of purple to your interior use. End this bedroom decor with a wicker rattan lampshade that you can make yourself on a budget. Unique Look Boho Bedroom from @rachelursoreastate


Don’t just stick to boho patterns, you can also add a bohemian touch by using a tassel accent which is usually applied to using a throw blanket placed on the bed. Just choose this tassel accent with a deep black color to make it look contrast when combined with the use of plain white bedding. Tassels Accent on Throw Blanket from @nickyshomediary


You don’t need to include too many bohemian patterns in your bedroom decor, just put them on the pillowcases with black and white dominance. This bohemian pattern is present in a modern minimalist style bedroom decor that you can apply for a new look. Bohemian Touch Pattern from @danielle.donohue


The splash of orange that is applied to this boho decoration will look more different. The boho touch in this bedroom is applied to the use of intricately patterned wallpaper and the use of classic-style interiors that seem simple but attract attention. Orange Themed Boho Bedroom from @rachelursorealestate

Black and White Bedroom


Black and white is a blend of colors that blends perfectly. Here you can try it in a small bedroom which is applied to the use of geometric curtains with black velvet bedding and headboard. Small Black and White Bedroom from @jayclynninteriors


The use of a monochromatic theme in bedroom decoration can be used by applying black bedding and plain white wall paint. These two colors are very suitable to be used to instantly present a modern theme, it’s not enough that you can also use the right lighting so that the room doesn’t look too dark. Black Bedding with White Paint from @kjosephinteriors


Look at the combination of black and white that is applied to the use of patterned bedding and pillowcases, doesn’t it look attractive? Yes, here you can also add touches of other colors such as gray and off-white in not too many quantities. Modern Monochromatic Bedroom from @home.on.the.hill__


Cover the walls with the use of classic patterned wallpaper which of course has a splash of black and white. The use of this wallpaper is perfected by the use of a solid black nightstand and a gray headboard that can blend perfectly in the same room. B/W Wallpaper Ideas from @denisekottas_realestate

Master Bedroom with Grey Accent


Bring a different atmosphere to your bedroom by decorating it with a dramatic look. The method is quite easy, you can use a dark color on the walls and put up a large painting that has a dark predominant color too, then liven up the atmosphere of the room with a light gray bed, that way you can have a different look in the room. Dramatic Bedroom Ideas from @nav_rasa


Gray is present as a modern style bedroom decoration choice. At this time you can apply this color to the use of bedding which is perfected by having nightstands on both sides of the bed with the selected material of natural wood which is re-laminated so that it looks more shiny and not easily porous. Modern Bedroom Design from @luoxointeriors


Repainting the walls of the bedroom in gray is highly recommended to try on a modern, contemporary or Scandinavian look. When it will be used in Scandinavian decoration, you can incorporate wood into the interior use, the gray paint color on this wall gives a cool look. Cool Gray Wall Paint from @realtormikewest

Master Bedroom with Gold Accent


If your bedroom walls are dominated by white, then you can add a touch of gold for a more luxurious and not too boring look. You can apply this gold pattern with a geometric pattern that looks modern and will never go out of style. Gold Accent Wall Design from @lovecoastaliving


The touch of gold that is applied to the use of table lamps and nightstands brings a different atmosphere and of course adds shine to your bedroom decoration. This gold accent will look shiny when exposed to the reflection of the lights around it. Gold Table Lamp and Nightstand from @thekinlochhome


The canopy bed frame used in this bedroom decoration gives an attractive impression and a different look. This gives a classic modern impression and you can try combining it with standing rack storage with matching colors that look shiny and luxurious. Gold Touch Color Canopy Bedroom from @manifiestodesign

Monochromatic Pink Color Scheme


Monochromatic doesn’t always use only black and white, for a new look you can use a combination of light pink and dark pink in the same bedroom. This color can be applied to the interior evenly. Classic Pink Bedroom from @rachelursorealestate

Rustic Bedroom


The rustic theme, which is dominated by a combination of white and sage green, will never fail. You can apply it to interior use evenly. Repaint the walls with sage green and don’t forget to apply plain white bedding. Sage Green Combined with White Bedroom from @anitarussellinteriors


The rustic theme that is applied to the Attic bedroom decoration is dominated by plain white. Just perfect the look with bedding and pillowcases with small flower patterns to make it look more different and attract attention. Rustic Attic Bedroom from @les_mondes_de_k

Shabby Chic Bedroom


The floral pattern that dominates this bedroom gives it a shabby chic look that gives it a feminine look. This pattern can be applied to the use of bedding and pillowcases which are dominated by dark pink and light pink. That way monochromatic themes can be obtained instantly. Pink Floral Themed from @sweetonshabbychic

Upholstered Wall Bedroom


There’s nothing wrong with incorporating a cool gray color into the master bedroom decor. You can add it to the use of upholstered walls which are made of velvet so they have a smoother and softer surface. This upholstered wall can be used as a headboard decoration as well. Monochromatic Gray Master Bedroom from @macainteriors


This upholstered bedroom wall decor adds texture to a room instantly. In addition to adding softness to the room, this vertical upholstered wall also provides maximum comfort, you can do regular maintenance using a vacuum cleaner. Textured Upholstered Wall Design from @imhotepestudio

Bedroom with Fireplace


Apart from making the room feel warmer, the stone fireplace also adds a natural touch instantly. You can use a fireplace with a fairly neutral color so that it can be combined easily when combined with some of the surrounding interiors. Natural Stone Fireplace from @homeonanashvillehill


The fireplace design comes with a variety of different options, one of which is the floor to ceiling design which can be used as a room statement. Just apply it right next to the bed to provide maximum warmth, you can try applying it right now. Floor to Ceiling Fireplace from @pearsondesigngroup


The marble fireplace that is applied to this bedroom decoration gives a modern look. You can choose and use a fireplace with dark color choices to make it look cooler and attract attention. The rectangular fireplace is a design that never goes out of style. Modern Marble Fireplace from @gregnatale


Take advantage of the wall in your bedroom decor to install a fireplace that will regulate the temperature of the room to stay warmer throughout the day. You can use it according to the needs of the room only. Mini Fireplace Bedroom from @hollybushhome

Bedroom Color Palettes


White and light gray that are applied simultaneously in this bedroom decoration provide the perfect color palette. You can apply it to the interior evenly, you can try it right now. White and Light Gray Color Bedroom from @realbeddley


Purple is an attractive and fun color when applied to your bedroom decor. Just try this purple color on the walls and bedding with a splash of lighter and darker colors. Splashes of white that are applied to the walls and roof of the bedroom to neutralize the color of the room. Purple Themed Bedroom from @node.mama

Bedroom Night Stands


To save floor space in your bedroom decoration, just use the appropriate interior. For example, you can use a floating nightstand with natural wood to save more on your spending budget, you can try it right now. DIY Floating Nightstand from @anaberdesign


You can apply a different look to your bedroom decor. For example, using a semicircular nightstand with an obtuse angle so that it is safer for your children. Use hard materials so that they are not easily porous when used for a long time. Half Circle Shaped Nightstand from @laurahammett.interiors


This glass nightstand design can be covered with curtains that have a pattern that matches the throw pillows. Perfect it with the use of a glass vase and a green ceramic lamp table that looks shiny when exposed to the reflection of the lights around it. Transparent Glass Nightstand from @garden_and_grace.interiors


Wood is always the best choice of material for your home furniture ideas. Now you can apply it to nightstand use with a large enough size so that it can be used as an additional storage area. Wooden Nightstand from @thestagedlife

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