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15 Lovely Raised Vegetables Garden Ideas

To create the right size for your vegetable garden, pick the right location that are sunny, have a good soil and stable environment. Start with small plot size that is about 16×10 feet and choose a feature crops that are easy to grow for beginner. Space your crop properly because plants that is set too close will compete for sunlight, water and nutrition and fail to mature; pay attention to the spacing guidance on seed packets and plant tabs. Use high-quality seeds and water properly.


Every vegetable has its own planting dates, so be sure to check it and harvest at the right time. Figure out which vegetables that is easy to grow for beginner by ask some suggestion and also can be plant in your environment; tomatoes, zucchini squash, pepper, cabbage, bush bean, lettuce, carrot and else. Tasting your own garden-fresh vegetables is amazing experience that is worth to try. So take a look at these 15 lovely raised vegetables garden ideas below to inspire you.

Apex Trellis Planter

Apex trellis planter
Source ; Pinterest

Elevated Garden Bed

Elevated garden bed
Source ; Pinterest

Farmhouse Vegetable Garden

Farmhouse vegetable garden
Source ; Pinterest

Raised Garden Beds in Stone

Raised garden beds in stone
Source ; Pinterest

Softwood Timber Raised Sleeper Beds

Softwood timber raised sleeper beds
Source ; Pinterest

Space Saving Staircase Vertical Planter

Space saving staircase vertical planter
Source ; Pinterest

Stacked Potted Herbs

Stacked potted herbs
Source ; Pinterest

Standing Garden

Standing garden
Source ; Pinterest

Vegetables in Metal Culverts

Vegetables in metal culverts
Source ; Pinterest

Vegetables Natural Compost

Vegetables natural compost
Source ; Pinterest

Vertical Pyramid Planter

Vertical pyramid planter
Source ; Pinterest

Vertical Vegetable Gardening

Vertical vegetable gardening
Source ; Pinterest

Waist High Garden

Waist high garden
Source ; Pinterest

Wooden Pallets and Little Vegetables Garden

Wooden pallets and little vegetables garden
Source ; Pinterest

Wooden Veg Wedge Raised Bed to Grow Herbs and Cherry Tomatoes

Wooden veg-wedge raised bed to grow herbs and cherry tomatoes
Source ; Pinterest

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