What do you think of when you hear shabby chic? Distress vintage finds, salvaged and whitewash wood, pops of pastel, lace and feminine florals, shabby chic is often also referred to as country chic or vintage chic.
The basic thing about this decor is upcycled or antiqued furniture, which means you can find old pieces at a low cost, or buy modern furniture at a cheaper price and give it a shabby makeover. Shabby chic style can be applied throughout your home.


Salvaged Furniture


This shabyy chic theme with a vintage touch can be applied to the furniture inside. For example, you can use reclaimed wood cupboard with splashes of shabby pastel paint colors. Combine it with the use of matching themed wall decorations and sofas to make it bolder. Vintage and Shabby Chic Furniture from @blackbarnvintage


Aged furniture is a must-have element in shabby chic. This sanded peeling paint door bathroom brings a vintage feel, complete the vintage look with matching colored reclaimed wood vanity as your sink display. Shabby Chic Bathroom Decor from @aroundtheblockminis

Add Flowers Pattern


A floral pattern with splashes of pastel colors is perfect when applied to your bedroom bedding. The combination of white and pink will work well and perfectly together. Apart from the pastel colors in this bedding section, you can also combine it with the use of a matching tufted bench. Pastel Floral Bedding Ideas from @lilys.dream.cottage



Cover the sofa and coffee table with small floral patterns to complete the shabby chic decor in your living room area. This floral pattern will not be separated from the touch of the vintage theme used. A series of pastel-colored roses is the final decoration that can make this room look more attractive. Small Floral Pattern Fabric for Furniture Lining from @enjoyeveryday79


Room decoration with a vintage theme will never fail when combined with the use of floral patterns in some of the interiors used. Now you can apply vintage style and floral patterns together to the dining room decor so that it can be used as the focal point of the room. Vintage Floral Dining Room Decoration from @kruszynka223

White Color Scheme


The white nuance that is applied to the Shabby Chic entryway decoration section is the right idea and choice. Now you can use the surface of the console table as an area to place various ornaments as well as two different types of flower vases. This will be the initial welcome for guests visiting your home. White Themed Entryway from @rostgarten


The white color scheme that dominates the living room gives it a classic cottage atmosphere. Sofa linens and muslin are a must in your Shabby Chic design because they create an inviting feel that will make you and your guests feel comfortable. The light and airy quality is perfect for layering and for filtering light in a beautiful way through curtains. Classic Cottage Vibes from @weatheredandwhitevintage


The use of white is not only for furniture. But now you can try it on the wall paint and a throw blanket placed right on the old armchair. This blanket will make the surface of your sitting area feel warmer, softer and softer. You can try it right now for instant Shabby Chic themes. White Paint and Chungky Blanket from @le.cultivateur

Vintage Mirror


A variety of different sizes of this mirror can be applied to the fireplace mantle, another function that can be obtained is to function as a light reflector, it can also add character to the room. Choose an antique mirror with an iron frame and add beautiful flowers and various ornaments in front of it to enhance the atmosphere. Carving Frame Mirror from @kelly.elko


Apply the carved design to the mirror frame for a shabby chic look that can be hung on a plain white wall. Square mirror shape is the best choice that you can use, you can try it right now. Carving Frame Mirror from @jessiinsanfrancisco

Soft Pastel Shades


Pink is one of the pastel colors that you can use as a touch of a shabby chic theme that will work well with shades of white. This pink color is the right sofa layer and you can try it in the living room, the tassel accent is a complement that you can use simultaneously. Pastel Pink Sofa from @our1897vintagefarmhouse


Even though white is the main color in shabby chic decor, that doesn’t mean other colors can’t be used. Opt for soft, pastel colors for your kitchen or dining room furniture, such as this distressed pastel blue floating shelf to create a delightfully vintage vibe. Pastel Blue Open Shelves from @3vintagehearts


The wooden shiplap that was applied to this part of the wall can be repainted with a pastel green color. Match this color to the table. This shabby chic laundry room is perfected with a touch of plain white. Pastel Green Laundry Room Decor from @athomewithmelmel

Colorful Living Room


The vintage coffee table design combined with the use of colorful throw pillows makes for a mix that can never fail. Cover the sofa with a plain white ruffle fabric for a touch of neutral color that you can try right now. Antique Coffee Table with Statement Throw Pillows from @white_and_vintage


The shabby chic living room decoration can be perfected with blooming flower arrangements which can be dominated by quite a variety of color combinations. Just put it on the coffee table along with some books that come in a variety of different colors. Colorful Blooming Flower for Livingroom Decor from @white_and_vintage


White shades are always the top choice for shabby chic bathroom decorations this year. You can apply it to the bathroom interior in the form of wall paint, bathtubs and other furniture that is used. A little touch of gold can also be added to add color to the room instantly. Shabby White Interior Bathroom from @shabby_whites


If you have the room for it, shabby chic bathroom decor makes large bathrooms feel cozier rather than sterile. Ruffled curtains and tiled bath tubs create a rustic look that you can try out now. Ruffle Curtain with Floral Accent from @shabbychic_thun


There’s nothing wrong with using antique furniture in a shabby chic bathroom decor, this will be a more perfect blend. Antique bathtubs, carved mirror frames and standing single sinks are a combination of furniture that will work well together in the same room. Antique Furniture Bathroom from @cordonneriedereau


When you have a shabby chic bathroom decor with limited space, you can replace the use of doors with plain white curtains. This is a smart idea that you can do. Wash the curtains when they start to get dirty and smelly so that this room is comfortable to use all day long. White Color Curtain Bathroom from @cordonnerriedereau

White Country Bedroom


In this bedroom decor, you can combine several different patterns for an eye-catching look. This vintage pattern can be applied to a headboard, lampshade, curtain and some throw pillow covers in a variety of different colors. Mix Pattern Shabby Bedroom Decor from @seansymington


This carved frame headboard design adds a touch of shabby chic and vintage at the same time. It’s not enough to stop here, you can also combine it with the use of benches and nightstands made of natural wood. Proper lighting is a condition for a comfortable room. Wooden Headboard Carving from @country.house.and.mouse.tales


Take a look at the shabby chic bedroom decor which is perfected by using this natural stone fireplace, the nuances you get look simpler. Besides that, this fireplace will help warm the room, the use of wooden beams ceiling is the perfect blend. Shabby Bedroom with Stone Fireplace from @charleygreyantiques

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