Ideally a dwelling consists of some rooms in accordance with its function. Sometimes, you’ll find difficulties to set the room especially for the small space. You have to arrange the items wisely to optimize the use of the space. There are several ways that a narrow space can be used with multi functions, one of them is dividing the space. By dividing the space you can create best multipurpose room for an amazing use of space. Let’s check the ideas one by one!


A Large Wine Cabinet between Dining Room and Living Room

1. wine cabinet
Wine cabinet

One space can be used into two functions that are dining room and living room. You can divide the space by placing a large wine cabinet as the barrier.

A Divider with Two Sides

2. living room and dining room
Living room and dining room

By dividing the space, it becomes two rooms with each function. In addition, the divider has two sides that function as the place of sound system and beer cabinet on the other sides.

Hanging Divider as a Note

3. hanging divider

The function of divider is not only to divide the space, you can also use it as a white note at the day for all family members. It seems a smart way to utilize each item in your home.

Useful Racks as the Divider

4. kitchen
4. kitchen_2

To divide the space you can also create different shades on the floor. Besides, place a divider with many racks is effective in using the space.

Cute Modular Cubbyholes as the Divider

5. modular cubbies
5. modular cubbies_2

You can use this cubbies to place some books and also decorative plants on it. The unique design and color of the cubbies function to beautify the space as well.

Two in One Cupboard

6. bookshelves and cupboard

Roll out a piece of carpet which has the same color with the sofa is simple way to create a different space. In addition, placing two in one cupboard in the middle is really helpful to store the items in your home.

Tiny Bookcase for Small Space

7. tiny bookshelves

If you have no wide space in your home or apartment, this slim bookcase is fit as the divider. The simple design won’t make the space looks too full.

Multifunction Divider

8. multifunction divider

This room divider is very useful for you and family. Its setting that separates the entrance and living room can be useful for seating when wearing shoes, reflecting, and storing the umbrellas.

Flowery Divider

9. flowers in pot

For you who love all about beautiful flowers, this room divider is best. Its existence is not only help you to use the space creatively, but also freshen your home. It’’s so beautiful!

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