Outdoor concept is identical with fresh air, nature, and and growth. Almost people love to enjoy open-air because its natural freshness. Recent, many resaturants which are designed as open- restaurant to give their customers natural view. As well as recent home designs, outdoor is the popular concept. If you are interested to find several ways to create indoor space that feels like outdoor, let’s check the ideas!


Bed Room with Natural Painting

1. bed room with natural painting
Source : Contemporist

You can start from simple thing to do in creating indoor space that feels like the outdoor. A natural painting on the wall of your bed room can help you to feel it. Match the color of the painting with your bedding. In this case, soft blue is the best color to calm your mind.

Bed Room with Swimming Pool

2. bed room with swimming pool
Source : The Lovina Bali

You can also make a bed room design adjoining with swimming pool. The natural view that you can see from the bed room will make you feel like in the outdoor.

Living Room with Courtyard

3. living room with courtyard
Source : thespruce.com

Enjoy your delight moment with family in the living room with natural view is unforgetable. The room which adjoining with the yard is very nice.

Decorative Plants

4. plants
Source : magnolia.com

Decorating your indoor space with plants is good idea to make you feel like in the outdoor. The existance of plants in the room will bring natural freshness.

Natural Material and Plants

5. natural material and plants
Source : sunset.com

Provide natural material as the furnitures and little garden in your home is stunning. Rectangle mirror on the wall is also make the room wider and looks like many more plants.

Botanical Balcony

6. entertaining space
Source : scmp.com

Can you imagine if you are in a forest with many growth and fruits? Surely you can realize your wish by creating this botanical balcony in your home.

Each Room open to the Courtyard

7. each room open to the courtyard
Source : Contemporist

Next designs to create indoor space feels like the outdoor is by making each room open to the courtyard. So that, you can enjoy natural view outside from each room in your home.

Bathroom with Skylight

8. bathroom with skylight
Source : Contemporist

You can also feel outdoor when you are take a shower in the bathroom by providing sky light on the roof. The natural light into the bathroom will make you as if take a bath under natural waterfall.

Large Window

9. large window
Source : Contemporist

Reading a book in cozy sofa with natural view is awesome. To have this pleasure feeling, let the natural light into the room trough the large window next to the library.

Plants are Everywhere

10. plants are everywhere
Source : Contemporist

Placing plants in each corner of the rooms is one of best ways to create outdoor atmosphere in your home.  Just supply these green plants in pots into each room to freshen your home.

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