An accent wall can be an ideal method to break up a huge space, to emphasize an particularly wonderful architectural function, or to embed a sense of the amazing in an ordinary area.


The easiest way to make a wall accent is to paint a wall in a room of color. But if you want a dramatic change in the room look, you can try using stones, bricks, mirrors, and even wood to accentuate one wall in this room, because one is more than enough if you make the right choice.

1. World Map Wall

Inspiring accent wall ideas 1

The huge world map is a brilliant idea to fill the empty wall. Things that bring our memories back to school periods full of sweet memories or even a push of the desire to traveling around the world.

2. Modern Geometric Accent Wall

Inspiring accent wall ideas 2

The geometric pattern accent walls are the most fashionable method to separate your rooms . If you want a modern-day design for your walls, then a geometric pattern accent wall surface is the best way to go.

3. Wood Pallets Accent Wall

Inspiring accent wall ideas 3

The trend of country styled decor will not fade quickly, you can make the decoration as part of your bedroom. Use wood shingle roofs, parquet tiles or pallet pieces to represent the rustic look on your walls and create this spectacular and rugged look.

4. Dark Accent Wall in a Light Room

Inspiring accent wall ideas 4

Dark accent walls help maximize the look of the room by adding depth and style into the room, and also a great way to show your favorite décor.

5. Stone Accent Wall

Inspiring accent wall ideas 5

6. Wall Mural Accent Wall

Inspiring accent wall ideas 6
Choose a mural that matches to the character of the room to give the vivid  impression. Of course this concept takes a lot of effort but the results are incredible.

7. DIY Faux Wallpaper Accent Wall

Inspiring accent wall ideas 11
Are you looking for a fun DIY job? If so, then why not use a pattern on the surface of your accent wall? A pattern is as beautiful and as diverse as wallpaper. From the paint to the taping, Mandalas, Morocco, and blooms all can all you can make as you wish.

8. Chalkboard Accent Wall

Inspiring accent wall ideas 8
In addition to being a place of artistic expression, this accent wall serves as a message board, replacing its post-its magnet and refrigerator. The most appropriate aspect to get your wall on the board is it enables you to increase the more fascinating craft on the wall in your own way.

9. Fabric-Covered Accent Wall

Inspiring accent wall ideas 9

Fabrics can also be used to create accent walls in the room. Put on the fabric that has motif and color that is in harmony with the room so as not to cause the impression of colliding.

10. Art-Displayed Accent Wall

Inspiring accent wall ideas 10
Make a huge plain wall as a gallery to showcase your art collection. Whether it is abstract art, handwork, gift from relatives or even souvenirs from tourism. You can freely change the old art with the new one whenever you feel bored.

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