Everyone’s preference in decorating their home is different to each other. Some people like to decorate their home to make it looks classic while the others like modern home decor to look new. There are many things you can do to make your home looks modern. For example by creating approriate decoration in each room. These are essential modern home decor ideas to inspire you.

  1. Bubble Lamp

1. bubble lamp

Two large bubble lamps in the kitchen are so beautiful. It’s because of the reflective surface of copper is glittering that make the kitchen looks luxury.

  1. Copper Candle Holder

2. candle holder

Candles light and the reflective surface of the copper candle holders are lovely to embellish your home. You can place them anywhere you want.

  1. Coffe Table

3. coffe table

The unique design of copper which is used to support the coffe table makes the room looks modern and chic. The contrast color of the coffe table with the wall and furnitures are fascinating.

  1. Copper Bathroom

4. bathroom

It’s still about copper for your modern home decor, including the bathup. Its beauty color will make you happy to enjoy your bath time.

  1. Copper Vases

5. copper vas

Usually you may find that vases made from clear glass material while these vases look different because of the material and color.  In addition, the round design allows you to fill flowers fully in the hole.

  1. Realistic Flowery Wall

6. realistic flowery

For you who love all about flowers and naturals, you can apply this realistic wall in bedroom. Add two clear vases with pink roses on both sides of the bed is a good idea. Its beauty will make you as if a fairy who is sleeping in a flower garden.

  1. Dark Wall Panel

7. dark wall panel

Similar color of the sofa, wall and floor are so elegant. Overall, dark color and the wooden wall panel makes the fireplace looks modern.

  1. Similar Color

8. similar color

Next idea to create a modern decor in your home is the same motif and color in bedroom. For example, the same color of vertical board behind the bed with the floor. Add dim light and some storages on the wall panel are nice.

  1. Mosaic Panel in the Kitchen

9. mosaic wall and plants

Mostly, mosaic motif is used in decorative art. For you who like this motif, you can set this tile and add some plants in the kitchen, it will soothe you. The color of mosaic also makes the kitchen more vivid.

Original article and pictures by : DigsDigs

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