Everyone’s preference in decorating their home is different to each other. Some people like to decorate their home to make it looks classic while the others like modern home decor to look new. There are many things you can do to make your home looks modern. For example by creating approriate decoration in each room. These are essential modern home decor ideas to inspire you.

Bubble Lamp


The big bubble light in the dining room is so beautiful. It’s because of the reflective surface of gleaming copper that makes the kitchen look luxurious. Lantern Bulb Light from @ksmlook.7


This glass bulb lamp gives a luxurious look to the whole room. Having this yellow lighting will also give a dramatic look to the whole room. Glass Bulb Light from @classicon

Candle Holder


The candlelight and the reflective surface of the terracotta pot candle holders are wonderful to beautify your home. You can put them anywhere you want. Potted Candle Holder from @bogacz_agnieszka


Using bamboo as a candle holder will give a unique and stylish appearance. You can place it on a coffee table to create the perfect centerpieces. Bambbo Candle Holder from @littlediyworld

Coffee Table


The unique design of the glass used to support the coffee table makes the room look modern and chic. The color of the coffee table that contrasts with the walls and furniture is dazzling. Glass Coffee Table from @my_home.etc

Copper Bathroom


It’s still about copper for your modern home decor, including the bathup. Its beauty color will make you happy to enjoy your bath time. Copper Sink Bathroom from @bymehome

Copper Vases


The vintage style of this vase has copper material which will give a luxurious and elegant impression to your home design. You can put it on your home table for a perfect design. Vintage Copper Vases from @yourkrib


Usually you may find that vases made from clear glass material while these vases look different because of the material and color.  In addition, the round design allows you to fill flowers fully in the hole. Copper Vintage from @homeyohmy

Realistic Flowery Wall


The walls of the house that have floral motifs can offer an interesting room design for you to try. You can apply it to the dining room wall for maximum design. Flower Wallpaper Dining Room from @nicolerutledgedesign


Flower wallpaper that is installed on one of these walls can provide an interesting room design for you to try. A white background can make a room clean and airy. Flower Wallpaper from @karolanne.designstudio

Dark Wall Panel


The dark color and wood wall panels make the entryway look modern. combined with this white color scheme will also produce a clean and bright room design. Black Wall Panel from @kitchen__centre

Similar Color


The next idea for making modern decorations in your home is the same motifs and colors in the home kitchen. This wall and cabinet color gives the perfect home look. Similar Color Kitchen from @findingflipz

Mosaic Panel in the Kitchen


Mostly, mosaic motif is used in decorative art. For you who like this motif, you can set this tile and add some plants in the kitchen, it will soothe you. The color of mosaic also makes the kitchen more vivid. Mosaic Backspalsh from @intracoastal_interiors


This mosaic backsplash gives your home kitchen a modern look. Opting for green and black is a brilliant idea for you to try. Mosaic Backsplash from @jennifergilmerkb


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