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10 Modern Wallpapers Ideas For Your Room Wall

If you want to upgrade the house without having to renovate on a large scale, then the wallpaper is the answer. Wallpapers have the ability to change the decoration of any room. They can be the protagonists of the overall decor, excessive and complex, or simply complementary to bring elegance to surroundings. Modern wallpapers are not only determined by simple geometric motifs or dark colors, today’s possibilities are endless and accessible. From chic motifs, to intricate geometric motifs with bold colors, wallpapers allow you to personalize the room and create a unique atmosphere.

Winter Woods

Modern wallpapers ideas for your room wall 1

This winter woods themed wallpaper provides the perfect backdrop for the country styled bedroom, it create a calming dramatic effect to the entire room.

Around The World

Modern wallpapers ideas for your room wall 3

The huge world map is a brilliant idea to fill the empty wall. Align the color palette of the room with matching accessories, such as on a cushion or vase.

Library Look

Modern wallpapers ideas for your room wall 2

Beautify your plain corner with library themed wallpaper to add pattern to the room.

Natural Wood

Modern wallpapers ideas for your room wall 4

Not only must be patterned, modern wallpapers also wear a simple bark pattern to produce a calm atmosphere but still elegant, in addition it also makes the room look higher. This wallpaper is best to use in room with rustic design.

Playful Stripes

Modern wallpapers ideas for your room wall 5

If you want to play safe with modern wallpapers, you can use the stripes pattern with neutral colors. The vertical line makes the room higher and the horizontal one makes the room feels longer.

Tough Black

Modern wallpapers ideas for your room wall 6

Sometimes covering all walls with dark wallpaper is the best choice to create a tough effect on the room. select accessories and furniture with the colors in the wallpaper to live the room. Adjust the color of the accessories and furniture with the existing colors palette on the wallpaper to live up the room.

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Chinese Blue

Modern wallpapers ideas for your room wall 8

A fusion between western and eastern style, makes this pattern sophisticated. Remarkable china ceramic motifs which combined with rustic table and chapped chair, will make your room look outstanding.

Into The Wood

Modern wallpapers ideas for your room wall 9

Perfect your country house style with this wood effect wallpaper and be prepared to be amazed by the results.

Metallic Way

Modern wallpapers ideas for your room wall 10

A strong pattern means a strong personality. Here a baroque-style wallpaper with black hue and silver accent instantly makes a memorable classic glamorous room.

The Wall That Tells The Story

Modern wallpapers ideas for your room wall 12

This wallpaper reminds us of the temple reliefs that tell the story of heroism. With a fresh orange color and a picture that tells the story, this wallpaper is suitable for use in children’s room. The use of one large and bold bird ornament works as a focal point is a brilliant move because it brings together all the bright colors used in the room.


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