If you want to upgrade the house without having to renovate on a large scale, then the wallpaper is the answer. Wallpapers have the ability to change the decoration of any room. They can be the protagonists of the overall decor, excessive and complex, or simply complementary to bring elegance to surroundings. Modern wallpapers are not only determined by simple geometric motifs or dark colors, today’s possibilities are endless and accessible. From chic motifs, to intricate geometric motifs with bold colors, wallpapers allow you to personalize the room and create a unique atmosphere.

Geometric Wallpaper

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This geometric themed wallpaper provides the perfect backdrop for your home’s living room. It creates a dramatic, calming effect throughout the room and manages to steal the show. Geometric Wallpaper from @viudecor

Around The World

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A large world map is a brilliant idea to fill an empty wall. Align the room’s color palette with matching accessories, such as pillows or blankets. Around The World from @roxyoxy_creations

Library Look

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Spice up your plain corner with library-themed wallpaper to add flair to the room. The wallpaper library which has a colorful theme will make it successful in presenting a very festive look and succeed in stealing attention. Library Look from @opulence_design_concept

Natural Wood

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Not only do they have to be patterned, modern wallpapers also use simple bark motifs to create a calm yet elegant atmosphere, while also making the room look taller. Natural Wood from @wallpaper_depot

Tropical Wallpaper

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Beautiful and attractive. This tropical themed wallpaper will be a beautiful background in your bathroom. Apart from that, this tropical themed wallpaper will give you a beautiful and refreshing look. Tropical Wallpaper from @honeyhome_7

Mosaic Wallpaper

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This mosaic wallpaper will be the perfect background in your living room. The combination of blue, black and red brick will present a beautiful look and steal the show. Mosaic Wallpaper from @erinnkaya

Playful Stripes

7 snapinsta.app_1080_54457898_125126818586936_1801646827600512861_n

If you want to play it safe with modern wallpapers, you can use stripes in neutral colors. Vertical lines make a room taller and horizontal lines make a room feel longer. Playful Stripes from @veescodecor

Tough Black

8 snapinsta.app_1080_299599869_190656266727538_8131393124376297391_n

Sometimes covering all the walls with dark wallpaper is the best option to create a bold effect in a room. choose accessories and furniture with colors in the wallpaper to liven up the room. Adjust the color of accessories and furniture with the existing color palette on the wallpaper to liven up the room. Tough Black from @farmtofrench

Chinese Blue

9 snapinsta.app_1080_307752437_1256853285134111_7821026962377539940_n

A mix of western and eastern styles, makes this pattern sophisticated. Magnificent china ceramic motifs combined with rustic table and china chairs, will make your room look extraordinary. Chinese Blue from @zuberofficial

Into The Wood

10 snapinsta.app_1080_102813737_581746522481630_8363771850733642314_n

Complete your country house style with this wood effect wallpaper and prepare to be amazed by the results. This wood wallpaper will give you a natural look in an easy way and at a low cost. Into The Wood from @walldecorpty

Soft Color Wallpaper

1 snapinsta.app_1080_277963170_124195803539505_6277202812832228959_n

It has a soft color theme, making this wallpaper look beautiful and elegant. You can apply this wallpaper in the living room area so it will be a perfect background. Mural Wallpaper from @elisapassinostudio

Floral Wallpaper

2 snapinsta.app_1080_56631895_583354985505304_2597022103020833306_n

This flower wallpaper will be the perfect background for your entryway area. The combination of white and light brown that is presented produces a beautiful and full of charm. Flower Wallpaper from @theatomicranch

This wallpaper reminds us of the temple reliefs that tell the story of heroism. With a fresh orange color and a picture that tells the story, this wallpaper is suitable for use in children’s room. The use of one large and bold bird ornament works as a focal point is a brilliant move because it brings together all the bright colors used in the room.


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