When summer comes, maybe you are looking for decoration ideas with beautiful flowers and candles. A combination of colorful flowers and candles can be a lovely decoration. It’s perfect for romantic events and also to beautify your home. You can embellish your coffee table, dining table, or kitchen. Its beauty is adorable and touches your heart. The light candle will bring calmness, peace, and warmness into your mind.


1. Flowers and Grass in the Kitchen

1. flower and grass in the kitchen
Source : bhg.com

Fresh green grass and flowers in wooden pot is awesome to place in your kitchen. It will attract your attention among dishwares.

2. Flowers and Centerpiece

2. flower and centerpiece
Source : Pinterest, gardenmatter.com

This idea is simple but look so elegant. White flowers with its cute leaves are match with the candle in the center of the pot.

3. Berries and leaves in Glass for Dinning Table

3. flower in glass for dinning table
Source : Pinterest, inspiremeheather

You can also create an unique decoration by combining red berries and its leaves in glass. Put the candle on the side will look nice.

4. Red Roses, Candles, and White Cake for Dinner

4. red roses, candle, and white cake for dinner
Source : Pinterest

Indeed, this one looks luxury and great. This is fit for romantic dinner when a man want to propose his girl or wedding event.

5. Floating Candles on the Water

5. floating candles on the water
Source : Pinterest

This decoration is easy to make at home. You just need a wide plate, some water, candles, and some flowers. Then, it will be an awesome floating candle with flowers.

6. Pebble and Candel in Jar

6. flowers and candles in jar
Source : Pinterest

You can also compile some pebbles in a small jar with a candle. Dim candles light will make your home feels comfortable in summer.

7. Rose Petals and Candles

7. rose and candle
Source : Pinterest

Other ideas to create a beautiful decoration can do in simple way. The red rose petals on the table look so beautiful arround the candles light.

8. Nice Candle Holder

8. flower, red candle and glass
Source : fantasyfantasywild

It’s nice idea to flip your glass and then use the handle to be a candle holder. The green leaves and maroon buds make this decoration perfect.

9. White Roses in a Round Jar

9. white roses in jar
Source : Pinterest

For you who love natural and simple decor, you will be inspired by this beautiful floating roses. Adding weeds under the roses looks so beautiful and fresh on the table.

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