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10 Creative DIY Mason Jar Flower Arrangement Ideas

Interior Design

Mason jars come with its popularity as the landscape to plant any kinds of flowers, herbs, or even succulents. It replaces the role of vase...

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10 Fantastic Window Flower Box Ideas That Will Improve Your View

Garden Decoration

Designing window box flower will be an interesting project this weekend. It helps you fresh your window feature. Though you live in a small...

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9 Ideas for Summer Decorating with Beautiful Flowers and Candles

Home Decoration

When summer comes, maybe you are looking for decoration ideas with beautiful flowers and candles. A combination of colorful flowers and candles can be a lovely decoration. It’s perfect for romantic event and also to beautify your home. You can embellish your coffe table, dinning table or kitchen. Its beauty is adorable and touch your heart. The light candle will bring calmness, peace, and warmness into your mind.

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