There are several ways to take a rest after you do many activities a long day. Such as: take a nap, body massage, and warm bath, etc. Providing a relaxing spa atmosphere in your home is a  nice idea. It means the excistence of a bathtub is a need in your bathroom. Talking about bathtub, you can provide unique bathtub in home, especially for your modern home design. In this post, we’ve prepared some unique bathtub ideas for you. These are different from other bathtubs, both in its shape and material. It’s made of natural stone which is very unique, natural and elegant.

  1. Nice Papillon Bathtub

1. papilon

A bathtub which is made of marble, sandstone and granite will be a beautiful and comfortable bathtub in your bathroom. Its color and design is so elegant and modern look.

  1. SPA Bathtub

2. granite

This bathtub is specially designed by its experts with different types of materials and stones. You will get a calm and comfortable bath with this.

  1. Single Stone Bathtub

3. excavated

This bathtub is made of one stone intact. It’s obtained from the excavations and carved into a beautiful and unique bathtub. You will feel as though you are bathing outside with a natural warm water.

  1. Limited Edition Bathtub

4. supai stone

When you get a bathtub with this design it means you are lucky because this is a limited edition. It’s specially designed by the experts and made of Supai stone.

  1. Solid Sandstone Bathtub

5. solid block

This bathtub is very unique and looks natural because it is made of solid sandstone. The oval shape will allow you to soak perfectly in it.

  1. Chisel Bathtub

6. onda

As you can see on the picture of its curved shape. The bathtub made of natural stone from Italy is the result of hand craving by the smart carver so as to produce this unique bathtub.

  1. Whole Stone Bathtub

7. single block

This simple but unique bathtub is the carved product of a single of the whole stone. There are several kinds of natural stone that can be chiseled to become a unique bathtub like this.

  1. Technology for Creating Unique Bathtub

8. art

This solid bathtub is also made of a single carved stone. The difference of this bathtub with the previous design is the way of making it itself. It was previously carved by hand manually by the sculptor, while this is made with sophisticated technology.

Original article and pictures by : Contemporist

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