Home is a place that makes us always longing to go home. When you are tired of doing many activities at work, you’ll need a home for a comfortable resting place. In this case, you can make yours to be a home sweet home. Among many spaces, you can utilize the nook to become a relaxed place. You can find some nooks of a relax home below:


Cozy Nook


Reading a book while enjoying a cup of coffee in the corner is a great idea to do. You can make the gap between the kitchen and dining table a place to relax by placing small pillows. Large windows allow sunlight to illuminate the space while you read. U Shaped Bench Nook from @sweetteaandsimplicity


Take advantage of the nook area in your home to use it to relax comfortably on weekends. What you can do now is add a built-in bench that can be covered with cushions so that it has a softer surface and is ready to be used as an area for chatting with your family or friends. Built-in Windowsill Bench at the Nook from @will_c_huff


Or another option for this nook area is that it can be used as a reading area. Simply prepare a seating area with a more relaxed design, then add a standing bookshelf to store all your book collections so that they are neatly arranged and free from clutter. Reading Nook with Bookshelves Ideas from @marzena.marideko

Large Window


This glass window with a size that is wide enough can be applied to the nook in your home. Its existence can help you to enjoy the beautiful scenery outdoors without having to leave the house or open a window. Use windows with transparent glass material and of course with a choice of thicker materials. Casement Window from @channelbeju


Adjust the use of glass window designs with the theme of the room used. When a room is dominated by a vintage theme, you can try using nook glass windows with reclaimed wood frames that seem simple, inexpensive and will never fail to be tried right now. Apply right next to a fireplace for maximum warmth. Vintage Style Window Design from @aliceskudlarek_thibautchicago


You can read a book, relax and lie down in the nook area at the same time because it is equipped with a bench that has been covered with sitting layers and throw pillows in a variety of different colors. Right next to this bench you can place a bookshelf to make it easier for you to reach the book you are going to read. Perfect Spot Nook Decoration from @studiomira__


Besides being able to relax in the nook area, you can also sunbathe because there is a lot of sunlight coming into the room. This large glass window will be of maximum use and carry out regular maintenance so that the surface is free of dust. Sunny Sunday in the Nook Area from @the.modern.country.cottage

Adjust to the Style you Want


Make changes to the decoration of your nook by using a vintage theme dominated by bright blue. The use of this color can be applied directly to the floral wallpaper, velvet sofa and a fairly large china porcelain ornament. You can try it right now. Vintage Nook with Blue Themed Color from @oodlesofwallpaper


The classic touch that is applied to the reading nook decoration is dominated by floral patterns that can be used in the chair area. Paintings that are hung on the wall become the right decoration. Finish off this reading nook decor with some plaid patterned curtains with a splash of never-failing neutrals. Classic Touch Interior Reading Nook from @windowboxcottage

Colorful or Pastel Nook Decoration


For those of you who have children, of course they will be very happy to enjoy a comfortable corner. You can create a pleasant and comfortable corner by applying pastel colors to the part of the floral wallpaper you are using. Add some cute green plant decorations that are so natural. Pastel Color Reading Nook from @todaywithmk

Dining Room Nook Ideas


Throw pillows that come in a variety of patterns and colors give a fun, colorful dining room look. Now you can use a lampshade with a bold color like yellow to make this nook dining room decoration more lively and fun. Colorful Nook Dining Room from @bibbyandbrady


Who would have thought that this nook area could be used as a fun nook breakfast decoration. Now you can cover the dining table with a tablecloth that has a small flower pattern with splashes of bright blue. This arrangement of blooming flowers placed on the table makes a beautiful natural decoration that never fails. Breakfast Nook Decor from @claudistarkdesign


Use the built-in bench in the dining room decoration as a dining area with your family. Combine with the use of a round dining table to make it look more minimalist. Gold pendant lamp is the main lighting that you can use today. Built-in Bench for Dining Room Area from @claudistarkdesign


The Scandinavian look that is applied to the nook’s dining room decoration is enhanced by the use of colorful chairs. Also add indoor green plants when needed, get these plants in garden decorations without having to buy them. Round shaped dining table is the best choice. Scandinavian Style Nook Dining Room from @alexandragater


This reclaimed wood dining table combined with woven rattan lampshade will seem more rustic when you combine it with the use of a sitting area which is dominated by white. There is no need to repaint the dining table area to make it look more natural and environmentally friendly. Rustic Nook Dining Room from @michelejanaedesign

Light Brown Meets Candles

Light brown and some candles will also help you to create a comfortable and relaxing nook. You can also put some baskets under the bottom to store your collection of books.


Aromatherapy candles that are placed on the surface of this cozy nook table can add a relaxing atmosphere that will accompany you to relax all day long. Just use an aromatherapy candle with the scent of your choice, just place it right on top of a pile of books that you often read so you can see it clearly. Aromatherapy Candles from @pouringoverpages


Do you need additional lighting in reading nook decoration? If so then candles are the best choice you can try. Combine aromatherapy candles with candle holders in your desk area, just place them not too far apart. A sitting area covered with throw blankets and faux fur pillows adds to the comfort and warmth of your bench. Aromatherapy Candle with Candle Holder from @thebookconfessions

Privacy Nook Design


To have a relaxed, dreamy home look, you can also add this long curtain. Looks like you will have a private room to enjoy your relaxing time. Classic and Vintage Privacy Nook Ideas from @timlabenda

Pilows are Everywhere


Make your sitting surface more comfortable by adding some throw pillows to the bench area under the stairs. These pillows come in a variety of different colors and patterns, after using them you can rearrange these throw pillows in the corners of the sitting area in a neat and orderly manner. Throwing Pillow for Nook Understairs Area from @homeonanashvillehill


A comfortable place can also be identified with lots of pillows and soft beds. The combination of light gray, black and soft blue will also create a relaxed home atmosphere. Here, soft light gray predominates. Soft Pillows with Neutral Color from @ericapealedesign

Black and White


In addition to light brown, blue and green. The contrasting black and white color combination also creates an elegant and relaxed corner. This will help you put your mind at ease while looking at the greenery outside through a clear window. Black, Wooden and White Nook Dining Room from @jessicanelsondesign


The dining room nook, which is dominated by a mix of black and white, gives an instant monochromatic look. Now you can use a transparent glass dining table to make this room seem more spacious and open. Throw pillows make your sitting area feel softer and warmer. Black and White Nook Dining Room from @audreycrispinteriors


The combination of black and white that is applied to the tile nook dining room area is suitable for use in a modern or monochromatic style. The existence of glass windows in several different areas makes the room look brighter throughout the day so it doesn’t need any more lighting during the day. Black and White Tile Nook from @claudinestarkdesign

A Nook and Library


You can also provide windows and unique reading spots in your library. Hiding and reading books among the bookshelves and lots of books in the corner is amazing. Built-in Nook Library from @hotcocoareads


Not only providing a sitting area, but you can also add bookshelves so that they can be used as home library decorations. The dominating splash of blue gives a modern impression that can never fail. Add curtains to add color to the room to make it look more contrasting. Modern Nook Library from @ladieswhodiy


You can add rolling bookshelves right next to the chair you are using to make it easier for you to pick up the book according to the theme you want. Here you can use a chair that is equipped with an ottoman so that it can be used more relaxed and comfortable. Rolling Bookshelves from jeleenka

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