Home is a place that makes us always longing to go home. When you are tired of doing many activities at work, you’ll need a home for a comfortable resting place. In this case, you can make yours to be a home sweet home. Among many spaces, you can utilize the nook to become a relaxed place. You can find some nooks of a relax home below:

  1. Cozy Nook

1. cozy nook

Reading a book while enjoying a cup of coffe at noon is a nice idea to do. You can create the nook between the kitchen and dinning table to be a relax place by placing small pillows. The large window allows the daylight to illuminate the space when you are reading.

  1. Large Window

2. large window

After your eyes tired of staring at the computer screen in working all day long, It’s good idea to rest them by enjoying the green view outside. This thing you can get through a large window in the nook of your home.

  1. Blue Ocean

3. all about blue

To make a nook of your home to be a relax place, you can give a soft blue ocean and white color on the wall. Adding of many pillows with matching colors also calm your mind as well. The white windows are useful to allow natural light into the space. In addition, you can also enjoy the view outside through the window.

  1. Gelato Color

4. gelato

For you who have children, surely they will be very happy to enjoy a cozy nook. You can create a pleasant and comfortable nook by applying gelato color on the wall, floor, furniture, and pillows. Add some cute hanging bird cage ornaments are so beautiful.

  1. Fresh Air Through the Large Window

5. fresh air

Creating a dreamy nook of relaxing home is not difficult. Letting the fresh air into the space is one of simple ways to make the become a relaxing place in home. Place some flowers in a pot will give you pleasant smell while enjoying the scenery outside through the window.

  1. Light Brown Meets Candles

6. candle

Light brown and some candles will also help you to create a comfortable and relaxing nook. You can also put some baskets under the bottom to store your collection of books.

  1. Stripe Vertical Curtains

7. curtain

To have a dreamy nook of a realxing home can also to do by adding these long curtains. It seems you’ll have a private room to enjoy your relax time.

  1. Pilows are Everywhere

    8. pillowsA comfortable place can also be identified with many pillows and soft bed. A combination of soft green and blue colors will also create relaxing home. Here, soft green is dominating.

  2. Black and White

    9. contrast

Aside from light brown, blue and green. A combination of contrasting black and white also create an elegant and relaxed nook. It will help you to calm your mind while looking at the greenery out there through the clear window.

  1. A Nook and Library

10. library

You can also provide a window and a unique reading place in the library. Hiding and reading a book among bookcases and  many books in the nook is awesome.

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