Room Finishing is the part that may take you to the long serious daydream. The best part after making color decision is patterning. Choosing between line and/or motif seems simple, but once you decide and attach it, you will find the answer of your satisfaction. In order to minimize your disappointment, there are several meanings for each pattern you should know to maximize design for your room. Here, there are two categories of most people used for room patterning: Line and Motif.


Line : Horizontal and Vertical


There are two types of straight lines regarding to the functions. First is Horizontal, this type of lines is suitable for high ceiling to zoom out the looks of the room. For you who want to get more focus for any activities in the room, Horizontal is the best pattern type. But, be careful to the number of this line, a large number of horizontal lines could turn you to the boring situation and minimize the ideas.

Next is Vertical, your room seems higher by using this type of line. If you want to be free to adjust with no limitation, the room with vertical lines will support your brainstorming and exploring the ideas. This kind of line type is also bringing you to the privacy. Just being your attention, the more vertical lines you used could bring the complicated situation in your room.

Motif : Symbol and Instrument

Motif could show the identity, such as your personality, core of business, or the symbol of the power. Using the motif may vary to the function of the room. The application of motif may give the information to any visitors. They will know what kind of room they see or what it is used for. You will not use the food and drink motif for your bathroom or repair tools motif in your dining room.


Music instruments motif is an example as your bedroom’s pattern design that represent the hobby of the room’s owner. You can use your company logo with repeating pattern and it will show the room for you to work or any function related to the type of your industry. Repeating pattern with symbol will bring you to classic and vintage interior. Flower can be the example of bathroom motif to support your relaxing. From those examples, the usage of motif may vary depending to your needs of atmosphere to liven up the rooms.


Now, you will not have to worry in applying your creativity in attaching any pattern you like. Although there are other guides that you can explore more, this basic information can help you decide pattern design for your room. Enjoy patterning!

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