A painting is an artwork that is not only beautiful but also has the deep meaning. For those of you who like to appreciate the artwork, you can take one or more for your bedroom. You can hang it on the wall above the headboard or wherever you want. This is useful to beautify and transform the space of your bedroom. Just try these idea then you will love it.

  1. Soft Blue on the Ceiling and Paintings

1. ceiling
Source : Pinterest

Choosing the same color for the painting and ceiling is a great way to create the room looks beautiful and harmonious. Light blue is best to make you comfortable.

  1. An Abstract Painting on White Wall

2. headboard
Source : Pinterest

Hanging an abstract painting with a dominant red color on white wall matching with headboard and bedcover also create harmonious look.

  1. Matching Color

3. wall

Source : HGTV

Todays, a separate painting into three or four parts and put on together on a wall is a trend. You can match the color with the wall and bedding to have a nice look.

  1. Contrast Color with Turqupose

4. turqupose
Source : Freshome

A room with a turquoise color almost on the wall and ceiling would require a painting or wall accent with a contrasting color. It’s is useful to transform your space easily.

  1. Floral Painting

5. floral
Source : Pinterest

If you are an orchid lover, you can choose this floral painting to decorate your bedroom. Its beauty makes your bedroom looks fascinating and elegant.

  1. A Painting above the Closet

6. green eyes
Source : HGTV

Hanging a painting isn’t always above the headboard, it’s nice to put it on the wall above the closet of your bedroom.

  1. Portrait Painting in Bedroom

7. portrait
Source : Russwittmann.com

Beside of landscape paintings, you can also hang a portrait painting in your bedroom. It will be something unique and different decoration to transform your space.

  1. Classical Animal Painting

8. animal
Source : Internetunblock.us

The existence of a painting in bedroom is definetely useful to change your bedroom becomes more interesting. Even for this very simple bedroom.

  1. Little Girl Wall Painting

9. wall painting
Source : Internetublock.us

Especially for little girls, this wall painting idea is so adorable. Usually girls really like the theme of animals and plants, just try to apply them on the wall then she will love it. How cute this painting is!

  1. Sketch on the Wall

10. sketch
Source : Pinterest

An artistic sketch can also be a good choice to hang in your bedroom. In this case, large sketch would be better. It looks so beautiful!

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