Home architecture may come from your desire or budget. When it comes from your desire, home will represent your personality. Element is the part of your home that closely related to your personality. That’s why it is important to decide the elements before start to design your home. Considering the atmosphere will also help you to choose which element that fit your comfort. Here are some element options with its character that may suit for your personal home.



The strength of this element is one of some reasons why we choose it. The natural form of the stone has great durability and bring cool atmosphere inside. With less additional accents, stone will show strong personality and adventurous. The placement as partition is suitable to separate between indoor and outdoor. When you want to use stone for indoor, you can apply it in bathroom, living room or indoor garden.



The present of wood in architecture seems close to classic and vintage. Wood is modify element that keep its natural texture. Fit with both floor and wall, the material is less soft than stone. With certain characteristic, it is suit to any rooms, such as living room, dining room, and even for bedroom. The rust texture of wood can be applied for outdoor or decorative purpose.



Jump to modern material, glass is the most common used by now. This element supports the minimalist design that helps widen up the space. Beside for windows and doors, indoor partition or walls are also using glass as the important material. The presence of glass element in the house will add the attractive decoration and comfort eye-consumed for anyone who is visiting. The used of this element may vary in type of hardness to support any kinds of function do this glass for. As the flying floor, the hardness of the glass should be thicker than usual to hold the person above. The thinner can be seen on its partition function.


If you feel like able to combine the elements, the appropriate placement will amaze you. The combination between glass and wood will bring you to the futuristic style with historical moment. The combination between stone and wood will bring you to the natural atmosphere. Considering the weather and environment around the place should lead you to match between the attractive appearance and comfortable home.

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