One of the vital spaces in our house is the kitchen. Surely it can be said that the kitchen is the heart of your home. As an integral and central part of the house, you can look for kitchen lighting ideas. When we talk about kitchen lighting, the right fitting position is the key. Consider task lighting, because if it’s misplaced, it can hamper your ability to work efficiently to cast shadows in your kitchen.

1. Island Lighting


These hanging lights above the island to bring light to a wider area. The pendants are complement to the open layout and modern minimalist style of this kitchen.

2. Exposed Wire Light Bulbs


If you like something trendy yet inexpensive, you may fall in love with this exposed wire light bulbs. This industrial appearance is the perfect method to include an individual touch to your flat that is simple and changeable as well.

3. Hanging Edison Bulbs


Do you want to bring retro nuances in the modern kitchen area? Edison light bulbs are one of best kitchen lighting ideas. Most mid-century kitchens use Edison light bulbs. Edison light bulbs won’t restrain your line of vision, so you have a clear sight line throughout the space.

4. Industrial Large Pendant 


This large steel pendant is great for reflecting industrial kitchens. Make sure you install it safely and correctly so as not to harm you and your family.

5. Vintage Hanging Lighting


Light fixtures with vintage appeal perfectly fit in this country kitchen. Two matching lantern-style fixtures light the island, in addition to the recessed ceiling lights. While the rest of the kitchen features white-color paint, the dark iron pendants give the room weight. Thus, antique kitchen lights can bring a nice contrast to your kitchen area.

6. Bring In The Nature


If you are an outdoor lover and want to incorporate nature into your kitchen, this chandelier ideas is ideal for you. It is constructed from dried tree sticks that combine with the candle-like bulb.

7. Mason Jar Chandelier


This chandelier can be a great DIY project and also would look terrific in a rustic kitchen. Mason jar DIY kitchen lights will match impressively with your white-painted kitchen walls. Glass mason jar DIY lights, caramel wooden kitchen island, and white cabinets come together in your kitchen adding to the farmhouse charm of the kitchen.

8. Large Desk Lamp


For those who have a tiny kitchen area, instead of a ceiling light this kitchen includes an large desk lamp. You can put it on your cabinets to give you a good amount of brightness and could be maneuvered to aim anywhere you require it.

9. Under Cabinet Kitchen 


Lighting beneath your kitchen cabinet help you while in the kitchen at night, without having to turn on the ceiling lights. The lights can also add functionality to your cutting and cooking at any time.

10. Open Shelving Lights


There are many bits of help for every mini kitchen owners. You can get plenty of light by adding some desk lamps on your open shelves. Those desk lamps will provide you a large amount of brightness when you are dishwashing or cooking meals. It is totally space-saving lighting idea.

Original article and pictures by : Hope Elephants

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