Kids need playing all the time. They tend to play anywhere and everything could be an interesting toys for them. Messy toys in almost all your rooms will consume more time to tidy up. In order to learn more with their toys, kids need to focus on learning without any interferences of our activity.

Providing playroom inside your  home may solve all problems mentioned above. Security and safety will be the priorities in handling your kids. Although kids are better playing outside, but it is not wise if they played all day without any attentions. Weather is also one of considerations. That’s why parents need solution to make their kids can play as comfort as on the outside. Here, there are some references for parents who want to have playroom for their kids in their home.

With Walls

For you who need more concentration to do activity in your home, you may choose this type to reduce noises when your kids are playing. You can use colorful rubber or plastic floor. Soft carpet can be your option if you feel alright to clean it up. The walls can be combined between thick glass and stone wall. This thick glass will help you to see your kids playing from outside. The compositions of thick glass and stone walls may vary. Full glass will give no limitation view and suitable for claustrophobia. Another side of stone walls could be fill with full paintings with fun themes according to your kids’ hobbies, heroes, or just a beautiful scenery to make natural atmosphere.


Vents are also important to reduce bad smell and comfort your kids while playing. The form of vents could be related to the air circulation and the sun light. To add safety into your kids room, you can modify the walls with pillow wall. Avoid room ornaments with hanging or sticky types because it may be harmful to your kids. Inside the room, you can add any play mates, building blocks, puzzles, and any favourites board games.


The position of this type of playroom can be applied next to bedroom or living room. It is not suitable to be placed on the corner of your home or rarely passed access. It is better to place the playroom where you do your usual activities to prevent lost on sight.

With No Wall

If you feel to be comfort with open-space playroom, you may choose this type. You can use colorful tile to separate playroom to another room, so that your kids could identify which room are theirs to play in. With the absent of the walls, big blocks with numbers or letters can be the alternative partition to make your playroom more attractive. The type of play mates should be match for concentrate games that let your kids have little moves.


The position of this kind of playroom should have serious attention. Kitchen, bathroom, or room with outside connection are not suitable to be applied with this playroom. Near living room and inside large bedroom could be your best options.

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