Your home indoor may seem lack of ventilation but you do not like to add more windows. If you like natural atmosphere,  you can try applying indoor garden inside your home.  Indoor garden helps the air circulation that is good for breathing. The important think is where do you set it or every function of its presence will be failed.

There is no limit of home models that can use to add garden inside. Space could be the most consideration to make it useful to be attached. If you have at least appropriate space in your home, you can start follow these basic steps.

Room Selection

First, you should select which room that need the function of indoor garden. For example, the room where you usually spend your time to, such as living room. After you select the room, you need to analyze the right part of the room which fit to add vent and will be good to be seen. Across the door is the best place to move the air circulation.


Vent Attachment

Never forget to attach vent around the indoor garden. The top could be made half-opened to let the light liven up the garden and natural atmosphere will be set on perfectly. When you add small pool, the vent and natural light will neutralize the air condition and prevent bad smell.


Put Nature Ornaments

You can complete with natural ornaments such as plants,  mini waterfall, or even fancy fish on mini pool. Hanging plants and/or filling the floor with coral stone are commonly used to beautify its looks.  The color of grey and black with white coral could be your reference to get closed to nature.


Everyone has their own taste about how to decorate indoor garden. The basic parts as mentioned above could help you exploring the ideas. Never be afraid to put your favourite nature element because the excitement and comfortless will be back to yours.

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