Fairy lights are small, typically laced stringed lights, copper wire with bright little lights, and amazing colors. They are warm, beautiful, and do absolute magic for your room. Given the flexibility of the fairy lights and the variety of styles they come in, you can create some really awesome and creative designs to make your bedroom look very magical.

1. Cozy Canopy

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Here’s something you can do if you have a canopy bed: hang string lights to make twinkling draperies. If you don’t have a canopy bed you can still get this look by simply hanging draperies and string lights from the ceiling. Grey Canopy Bed with Fairy Light from @neonvietnam

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Look at this bed! Equipped with a canopy makes it look prettier and can provide comfort. Meanwhile, the fairy lights that adorn the canopy bed will give a festive look. Cozy Canopy from @nordsol.eu

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You will never fail to bring fairy light to your bedroom decor. This time you can use fairy light to decorate the canopy bed so it will look stunning. Fairy Light Canopy Bed from @bedroomdecoration

2. Fairy Light Headboard

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This one bed is equipped with a high headboard made using fabric so it looks simple. Then the owner decorated it with string lights so it looks perfect. High Fairy Light Headboard from @bedroomdecoration

5 snapinsta.app_59479036_141584620343463_7009515060223926733_n_1080

Talking about fairy light, this time you can use it to make a headboard so it will look beautiful and attractive. Use fairy light shades of yellow so that it will bring a calming feel. Yellow Fairy Light Headboard from @lipsticklifeandluis

6 snapinsta.app_72780547_584820302289625_7405636337553757146_n_1080

This idea is perfect if you have an iron bed frame with lots of detail; simply take your favorite fairy lights and wind them through your entire bed frame. Fairy Light Headboard from @the.regan.life

3. Reading Light

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This branch arrangement entwined with fairy light looks beautiful and attractive. Placing it in the corner of the room makes it a beautiful and perfect reading lighting. Branch arrangement with String Light from @msraecarpenter

4. Mirror Room

9 snapinsta.app_18298453_272498519828156_6055215597375979520_n_1080

If you don’t fancy a glowing bed, you can add some glow on your mirror. A soft light reflection from the fairy light makes your reflection even more radiant. Lighted Curved Mirror from @thehappyheartcompany

10 snapinsta.app_23416451_1640088036045985_7778287993277644800_n_1080

This bedroom mirror has a rectangular shape and has a white color so it looks very natural. Add fairy light to decorate it so it will look festive. White Fairy Light Mirror Frame from @dustandthings

11 snapinsta.app_277900210_672804617328015_7968036925176637031_n_1080

Speaking of fairy lights, this time you can use them to decorate the mirror in your bedroom. Having a yellow light will make this fairy light provide peace. Large Mirror with Fairy light from @lichts_stringlights

5. Lighted Words

12 snapinsta.app_10369552_690294961016650_409382340_n_1080

A quick way to decorate a wall with fairy lights? Spell an inspirational word! Once you choose the word you want, use pins to form the outline of the word and then hang the lights on the pins to create the quote. Lighted Word from @twogirlsandacontainer

6. Picture Display

13 snapinsta.app_47582847_2013553332064363_174494227867420230_n_1080

This time you can install Fairy lights on your bedroom wall area with the aim of displaying photos. Then you can clip the photo along the fairy light so it will look more beautiful. Wall Photo Display from @aadhiz.creations

14 snapinsta.app_46315704_1450604035071126_8516068987423749962_n_1080

Look at the picture above! This fairy light is arranged on the wall in a triangular shape. Then the owner uses it to display photos so that it will present a festive look. Triangle shape photo display from @neonvietnam

15 snapinsta.app_28750889_1564602086970469_4828197059280502784_n_1080

Stringing fairy lights across a wall is an unexpected way to display potho other cute little things by clipping them along the lights. You can also use them as ambient lighting and they give the room a rather romantic look. Bedroom Photo display from @mybedroomgoals

7. Reading Nook

8 snapinsta.app_100898027_573164230251562_4146412106870824864_n_1080

Create your personal space using fairy light and drapery. What a perfect place to relax and read. Reading Nook Lighting from @rupsareads

8. Sassy Shelving

18 snapinsta.app_27579159_1612873755493671_8812606784914063360_n_1080

Illuminate all your favorite books by adding fairy lights to your shelves. Fairy lights will instantly make any area look more loved. Sassy Shelving with Fairy Light from @thehuewoman

9. Lights To A Lamp

17 snapinsta.app_129721628_314886442954766_1933359391732035332_n_1080

If you’re looking for something unique, then how about swapping your standard bedside lamp for something a little more personal? Now you can make your own bottle sparkle by filling empty shells with fairy lights. This cluster of lights will give a magical look to any empty lantern and cast a really unique glow in your home. Bottle with Fairy Light from @josephinehallgren

19 snapinsta.app_244652655_938793963513913_5493467228026362783_n_1080

Bring fairy light to your bedroom decor. This time you can put fairy light in a bottle and display it on the table so it will be the perfect lighting idea. LED Fairy Light from @jholmaal.in

10. The Stars Above


How would you like to fall asleep watching tiny twinkling lights resembling stars above your bed? You can make your very own constellations on the ceiling of your bedroom, so you’re always looking up at starry night. White Start Above from @mybedroomgoals

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