Most houses have terrace even the position is in front or back of the house. Terrace have several advantages to create more rooms, especially outdoor room. Front terrace can be used as outdoor living room. Back terrace can be used as kitchen, mini pool, or even small garden. You also can set it with or without canopy to cover the area from rain and direct sunlight.

When you are detailed person, you can play your creative sense on pattern and element you will use to decorate the terrace. Flooring is also taking part depend on the function of your terrace. Never use slippery floor if the area is not protected from the rain even it is just a terrace.

Outdoor Living Room

1 snapinsta.app_334634793_936889271063970_8646203989341759086_n_1080

Look at the terrace above! It is equipped with various comfortable furniture such as pad chairs, bench pads and coffee tables. With all this furniture, your terrace will become the perfect outdoor living room. Black and White Living Room from @dachnyi_otvet

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You will not take advantage of the terrace as an outdoor living room. This time you can use the letter L sofa and coffee table. While the pergola will provide shade on your terrace. Letter L sofa from @westwing.it

3 snapinsta.app_333005982_195163093125003_7058297032588903425_n_1080

Using the terrace area as an outdoor living room is the perfect idea. This time you can use a wicker bench pad as the furniture. In addition, you can add a pillow so that it will provide perfect comfort. Wicker Furniture from @living.hoch3

4 snapinsta.app_284364953_297047302530204_1249865042689532679_n_1080

If you have a large enough terrace area, here you can use it as a living room. Use the gray letter L sofa as a sitting area. Then add a throw pillow for added comfort. Grey Furniture from @happywifenewlife

5 snapinsta.app_289166915_135501585790577_6690043648432080239_n_1080

This terrace with wooden walls has been converted into an outdoor living room so it looks extraordinary. The owner uses the letter L wooden bench and wooden chair which is equipped with a pad so that it will provide perfect comfort. Wooden Furniture from @hasztag.dom

6 snapinsta.app_93395038_1133009460394906_4380803170242693410_n_1080

Having an outdoor living room is an interesting idea. This time you can use the terrace area to create an outdoor living room. Here you only need to use the letter L sofa and also the coffee table so that it will become a simple but functional living room. Grey Letter L Sofa from @stinegskjerveggen

7 snapinsta.app_300546024_609402760901158_3248182868345865367_n_1080

This terrace uses a large chair pad and coffee table to make it the perfect outdoor living room. It has a white and black color theme, making it successful in presenting a monochromatic look. Black and White Furniture from @monicadahliawehren_official

7 snapinsta.app_296825080_1107100966549837_9163172516813158861_n_1080

A stone wall will be the perfect backdrop for this outdoor living room. Meanwhile, wicker chairs and benches that are equipped with pads and pillows will provide comfort. Wicker Furniture from @motkovo

9 snapinsta.app_58409018_313913319275933_7911786543449974333_n_1080

This wicker chair, which is equipped with a soft pad, will be very comfortable furniture for outdoor Livingroom. Complete with throw pillows and blankets will make it very perfect. White Furniture from @between_my_walls

10 snapinsta.app_336919293_572273824968094_5865269987170424189_n_1080

This letter L bench made of metal and equipped with pads will never fail to complement your outdoor living room. Meanwhile, the coffee table and home accessories such as pillows, blankets and carpets will work together to make the living room look extraordinary. Metal Bench Pad from @motkovo

Fish Pool

21 snapinsta.app_135328707_241909354207310_5104389777769631990_n_1080

Don’t waste your terrace! This time you can use it to build a fish pond. Adjust the pool design with the terrace area so that it will make it look perfect. Letter L fishpond from @restless.arch

22 snapinsta.app_1922059_1600624153558826_1287563063_n_1080

There are many ways you can take advantage of your terrace, one of which is to build a fish pond. The square-shaped fishpond surrounded by this deck makes it look extraordinary and manages to steal the show. Square Fish pond from @dgreenvilla

23 snapinsta.app_60420390_160426331657789_7284126177837074626_n_1080

This fish pond is in the terrace area so it won’t make your terrace look useless. It has an inground design and is decorated with natural stone, making it look very natural. In-ground fish pond from @davidmuc_

24 snapinsta.app_13556717_329738580690744_12384995_n_1080

This narrow terrace is used by the owner to build a fish pond. Rectangular design with the right size will make it look perfect. While the plants around it will present a tropical feel. Tropical terrace with fishpond from @koi.society

25 snapinsta.app_337525957_966020524551189_4189755342140834685_n_1080

Fishpond will not fail to build on your terrace. This time you can build a fishpond with an above ground design so it will look more attractive. Then complete with shade to make it safer and successful in inspiring. Large Koi pond from @qualitynishikigoi

26 snapinsta.app_1168950_493310000782521_1545398855_n_1080

Utilizing the terrace area to make a fishpond is a brilliant idea. Here you can also add a pathway in the middle of this fishpond so it will look attractive. Meanwhile, some plants will contribute freshness. Natural Fishpond from @modernhomemagazine

28 snapinsta.app_338174521_579323397593150_4164176523647763963_n_1080

Don’t worry if you only have a small terrace, here you can adjust the fishpond to the size of the terrace so that it is more proper. Take a look at the fishpond, this one has a rectangular shape and is covered with wood to make it look extraordinary. Wooden Fishpond from @char9er

Outdoor Kitchen

11 snapinsta.app_338170835_609242504408526_5726973925335094955_n_1080

Apart from making it a living room, you can use the terrace as a kitchen. This time you can use the built-in countertop so that it will save more space but still function properly. Built-in Countertop from @prattguys

12 snapinsta.app_231473593_369329234700236_7049164639037267527_n_1080

Look at this one terrace! The owner uses it as an outdoor kitchen so it is very functional. Having white undertones makes it look neutral and brings out a pretty charm without going overboard. White Nuance from @barbequesgalore

13 snapinsta.app_339339510_1635509216887082_8657804620916555616_n_1080

This small terrace is used as an outdoor kitchen so it will make it look extraordinary. The owner uses funriture which is made using galvanized material so that it is quite strong and durable in outdoor areas. Small Kitchen from @falkner_gardens

14 snapinsta.app_337920495_766885888041794_5345856389662018352_n_1080

Having a large terrace area is everyone’s dream. This time you can take advantage of this terrace as an outdoor kitchen so it will be more functional. The use of proper furniture will make this outdoor kitchen look extraordinary. Large Kitchen from @naturekast

15 snapinsta.app_325186894_190570043561354_2335251721411012679_n_1080

The terrace which functions as an outdoor kitchen area has a minimalist design but can still function properly. This terrace is also equipped with a shade so that it will provide comfort for everyone who is cooking in this outdoor area. Minimalist Kitchen Design from @rtaoutdoorliving

16 snapinsta.app_337302249_154809323842183_7692663696679596005_n_1080

Interesting right ! This kitchen terrace has a rustic style so it will make it look attractive and beautiful with a natural appearance. Meanwhile, a pendant light hanging above the countertop will be the perfect lighting idea. Rustic Kitchen from @tcpoutdoor

17 snapinsta.app_320075913_1575175686280783_4759437540922937079_n_1080

The combination of wooden and stone walls will bring an earthy touch to this terrace kitchen area. Equipped with a mini bar, it will make this outdoor kitchen more multifunctional. Wooden and Stone Themed from @currinoutdoor

18 snapinsta.app_327327372_872926430423602_8204362980021407026_n_1080

This outdoor kitchen is located in a terrace area which is equipped with a shade so it is very comfortable for cooking activities. Having a Letter L design will make it more space saving and have a wider range of motion. Letter L countertop from @michaeljamesremodeling

19 ljakhoihwbe

Interesting right ? This terrace is used as an outdoor kitchen so it looks extraordinary. The owner uses a wooden floor kitchen cabinet so that it will give a perfect natural touch. Meanwhile, the shade will provide protection for your outdoor kitchen furniture. Wooden Kitchen Cabinet from @granitemountainstonedesign

20 snapinsta.app_297951622_385423333700772_7208610774557814320_n_1080

Talking about the outdoor kitchen, this time you can use the terrace area to build a kitchen. Using a U letter layout will make your outdoor kitchen look different than usual but still function properly. Letter U Countertop from @monellolandscape

Sometimes people may have reasons why they let their terrace performed by itself. But, for you who has limited space to build more rooms, these references could help you to consummate your creativity. As the entrance, never forget to consider the space for passing by so that the function of your modified terrace could be gone failed.

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