Most houses have terrace even the position is in front or back of the house. Terrace have several advantages to create more rooms, especially outdoor room. Front terrace can be used as outdoor living room. Back terrace can be used as kitchen, mini pool, or even small garden. You also can set it with or without canopy to cover the area from rain and direct sunlight.


When you are detailed person, you can play your creative sense on pattern and element you will use to decorate the terrace. Flooring is also taking part depend on the function of your terrace. Never use slippery floor if the area is not protected from the rain even it is just a terrace.

Outdoor Living Room

Maybe you just want to have relax in front of your home or meet the messenger, this area could be a solution. The terrace could be set as comfort as you need. You can add small table and two chairs or even sofas. When you use sofas, you should provide canopy to protect it from the rain. Transparent canopy is the right choice for the terrace which get low sunlight whether in the morning or in the afternoon.



Fish Pool

Never waste your back of the house have to stay empty without any functions. If you have interest on fish keeping, you can turn the function of your terrace into small fish pool. You can add coral stone around the pool to make it as natural as you want. Lighting will liven up the pool to be enjoyed in the night. The best floor for this function is plaster or stone tiles. You can set the terrace with half-open or full open to provide air circulation.


Outdoor Kitchen

Cooking outside? Why not?! Your back terrace could be support the idea for you to have outdoor kitchen. Half-open terrace is fit for outdoor kitchen.The air circulation will not limit you to grill or even be worried in causing bad smell to the entire room while you prepare the dishes. Rustic kitchen should be appropriate for outdoor kitchen. You can use stone or wood as the element to the design.


Sometimes people may have reasons why they let their terrace performed by itself. But, for you who has limited space to build more rooms, these references could help you to consummate your creativity. As the entrance, never forget to consider the space for passing by so that the function of your modified terrace could be gone failed.

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