Using lamp in the house for lighting is not just an ordinary thing. Several alternates will allow you to create fantastic appearance to any rooms. Color of the light and the artistic shape of the lamp should be the part you can modify. As the decoration purpose, there are some references that help you decide the type of the lamp.


For the living room as the place of center attention, you can install the attractive lamp with an artistic form to set anyone’s attention. Fancy light with crown shape may be suit to reach its purpose. The presence will be more catchy with the consistency between ceiling design and lamp shape. The intensity of the light should be bigger than other rooms to show the center of your house.


This handmade brass lamp adds an attractive look to any of your home. Having this yellow lighting will give a dramatic look to the whole house. Hand Made Bras Lighting from @gdlightingdesign


Decorating the living room with some lights on this ceiling will make your room brighter. Using spotlights and track lights gives a neat ceiling. Light Fixtures from @thedefaindia


This cute wall lamp has amber lighting. Placing it on one of the bedroom walls can present a bright and dramatic room design. Modern Wall Lamp from @nook_collections


Add cabinet lighting to your bathroom for a dramatic lighting idea. Having this yellow lighting can give a dramatic look to the whole bathroom. Lighting Cabinet Bathroom from @thedefaindia


Adding a wall lamp to this bathroom is an additional lighting idea in this room. Placing on the right and left side of this mirror can be the focal point of your bathroom Wall Lamp Bathroom from @valente_design


Lights are an important accent that you can apply to every room in your home. Choosing a metal pendant lamp placed above the dining table is the perfect lighting for your dining room. Metal Pendant Light from @nordlux


The track lamp in the living room provides good lighting for you to try. This type of lamp accentuates a certain spot, so it is suitable for you to apply to a living room that has wall art. Track Lamp from @iluminarbrasil


Even though the kitchen has a modern style, you can add a rustic style chandelier. Choosing this type of lamp has yellow lighting which will give a dramatic impression to the whole room. Just place it over the kitchen island for an all-in-one light. Rustic Chandelier from @ironwareinternational


This brass pendant lamp adds an elegant and luxurious impression to your home kitchen. Having a shape like this lantern can also be the center of attention and has the perfect home design for you to try. Brass Chandelier from @light_house_co


In this traditional dining room, you can complete it with a chandelier. Placing it right on the dining table manages to provide an attractive look and overall lighting. Chandelier Dining Room from @ironwareinternational


Don’t forget to add a chandelier right above your home kitchen island. Using three metal light bulbs can reflect the overall lighting and make your room brighter. Three Pendant Light from @hectorfinchlighting


For the entrance, the use of crystal drum lights has an attractive appearance for you to try. Having thorough lighting will make this room even brighter and brighter. Crstyal Drum Chandelier from @ronbrennerarchitects


Dining room may also have the same type with the light on the living room, but usually smaller. The amount of the lamp is better less than five lamps. The intensity itself should be softer. Modern Brass Chandelier from @ronbrennerarchitects


This Kartell big bloom chandelier makes your wardrobe look brighter and more charming. Using a touch of crystal this lamp adds an attractive appearance and a unique design for you to try. Kartell Big Bloom Chandelier from @ronbrennerarchitects


A table lamp is suitable not only for a bedroom, but also for a study. The position of the table lamp is best placed on a corner table. The table lamp can be replaced with a wall lamp if a table is not available. Table Lamp from @ronbrennerarchitects


Front terrace or backyard are also the place that need lighting. Garden lights are usually using cage models with the high stalk. The energy of the light could be saved more with the solar system.


Add outdoor wall lamp elements to create the perfect room decoration. You can make it yourself to increase your creativity. Having this yellow lighting can give a dramatic look to the whole house. Wall Lamp Outdoor from @ronbrennerarchitects


Enjoy your outdoors by adding hidden lights for a stunning result. You can apply this outdoor kitchen pergola for the perfect lighting idea. Recessed Light Outdoor from @mcneill_photography


This modern wall lamp on the exterior wall adds to the aesthetic appearance. Blending with a brick wall it displays a different design. Modern Wall lamp Outdoor from @country_modern_build


Garden lights placed in these pathways add an attractive look and bright lighting to the whole house. Having power from solar panels can provide a bright home garden decoration. Solar Panel Light from @calexholland


This garage door highlight turns out to be an interesting look for you to try on your exterior design. Offering yellow lights has succeeded in providing a beautiful home design for you to try. Spot Light Door Garage from @lumipro_mty


You can add spotlights to your patio posts for an interesting illusion. The use of spotlights with white lighting has succeeded in creating an interesting home decoration for you to try. Spot Light Outdoor from @lumipro_mty


Highlight your lamp with white lighting. The use of these spotlights has succeeded in creating an attractive and brighter garden design. Spot Light Tree from @lumipro_mty


The terrace of this house has interesting lighting for you to try. Using hidden lights will give the impression of a bright room, especially when coupled with garden lights which will make it even brighter. Reccesed Light Patio from @lumipro_mty


The chandelier on this garden tree manages to steal the attention of everyone who comes. You can apply this lamp to provide a stylish garden design. Don’t forget to complete the look with furniture to enjoy the evening air in your garden Hanging Lamp Outdoor from @gubiofficial


This recessed light on the patio deck provides an interesting patio illusion for you to try. Applying this at the edge of the deck will also work to give a dramatic garden design to the rest of the patio. Light Deck Patio from @trexcompany


This stunning outdoor decoration complete with light railing would be a wonderful patio decoration. You can make your own to boost your creativity and decorate on a budget. Light Fence from @trexcompany


You can also try lights on your terrace staircase decoration. Implementing this ladder is a brilliant idea for you to try. Staircase Light from @trexcompany


Using a wall lamp as an outdoor lighting idea looks interesting. Using this lantern will provide an attractive design and perfect lighting. Lantern Wall Light from @katiebleuofficial


The string of lights hanging on the porch of this house will look prettier and livelier. Choosing a yellow lighting color will also give the room a dramatic illusion. String Light from @lighting.illusions


Decorating a patio with these rattan lamps can’t go wrong. You can make it yourself for amazing results. Rattan Light Outdoorr from @glosterfurniture


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