Using lamp in the house for lighting is not just an ordinary thing. Several alternates will allow you to create fantastic appearance to any rooms. Color of the light and the artistic shape of the lamp should be the part you can modify. As the decoration purpose, there are some references that help you decide the type of the lamp.


For the living room as the place of center attention, you can install the attractive lamp with an artistic form to set anyone’s attention. Fancy light with crown shape may be suit to reach its purpose. The presence will be more catchy with the consistency between ceiling design and lamp shape. The intensity of the light should be bigger than other rooms to show the center of your house.


Dining room may also have the same type with the light on the living room, but usually smaller. The amount of the lamp is better less than five lamps. The intensity itself should be softer.


For the bedroom, kitchen, or bathroom may used single lamp because of the private function so that no need to get more attractive than the living room. Especially for bedroom, the available of the table lamps may reduce the use of the main lamp on the ceiling.


Table lamps are suit not only for bedroom, but also for the living room when there is no activity. The position of table lamps are best put on the corner table. Table lamps can be substituted with wall lamps if there is no available table.



Front terrace or backyard are also the place that need lighting. Garden lights are usually using cage models with the high stalk. The energy of the light could be saved more with the solar system.

Garden lights are also could be combined with the block gate and stick to the walls. If you have swimming pool, the available light inside the pool could be nice alternate than having floodlight. The floodlight will consume more power ant result the overheat in the long use term.

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