10 Best Indoor Vertical Herb Gardens to Inspire You

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Planting many kind of herbs in pot is a very interesting idea. It benefits to provide daily fresh herbs at your home. There are several ways you can do to grow herbs in your home, one of them is indoor vertical garden. For you who are interested in creating indoor gardening, here you’ll find some inspirations that you can reach.

  1. Lettuce on the Wall

1. lettuce on the wall
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There are many kinds f vegetables that you can plant vertically, such as mustard greens, lettuce, spinach, and other leafy vegetables.

  1. Hanging Shelves

2. shelves
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Especially for tiny herbs  such as parsley and oregano, it’s no need wide space. You can plant it in some small pots and place them on the hanging shelves tied with rope.

  1. Little Garden in the Kitchen

3. kitchen herb
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In herbal gardening, you can put the board on the kitchen wall. This idea will easy you to get the herbs when you need it.

  1. Bucket on Wooden Board

4. bucket
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the existence of herbs in your home isn’t only provide fresh herb, but also beautify your indoor. You can use some buckets to plant herbs and hang them on the wall with some artistic wooden boards.

  1. Beautiful Written Jars

5. rosemarry
Source : Loversiq.com

Jars can also be used as the planters for growing herbs. A written piece of paper with the name of the herb is unique and nice to stick on it.

  1. Jars on Vertical Boards

6. onion leaf
Source : Alexstand

To get nice results, you can arrange some herbs in the jars at an angle. This one wooden board looks very effective to provide what you need that are the ingredients for cooking and the aestetic as well.

  1. Ladder Ideas to Place the Herbs

7. ladder
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There are many ways to create indoor vertical garden in your home, one of them is a wooden ladder. It’s very interesting and easy to make. You can place it near the basin to have fresh view in the kitchen.

  1. Unused Baking Tray

8. pan
Source : hgtv.com

If you have some unused baking trays that used to bake a cake. You can utilize them to plant some herbs. Its shape is fit to place the herbs vertically. It look so nice and unique to have.

  1. Hanging Dried Herbs

9. hanging herb
Source : sunset.com

There are several kinds of herbs that you can tie by using yarn and hang on the wall. Usually, they are a kind of dried herbs.

  1. Wooden Racks

10. parsley
Source : hgtv.com

If you have a wide empty wall, you may be inspired by the idea of ​​growing herbs with these wooden racks. There are many kinds of herbs that can be planted here, including celery, oregano, rosemarry, parsley and others.


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