Sometimes quietness will give you inspiration and peace. Retreat for a moment in a secret garden is one of the things you can do to enjoy the quietness. Moreover, it can be identified with green scenery and fresh air that will refresh your mind. Then, what secret garden design do you want to fulfill your desire? These are the image of ideas to inspire you.

Cozy Back Corner of Yard

1. back corner of the yard

Source : Pinterest

You can use your back corner of yard to become a secret garden. The plants will be beneficial to supply fresh air you need.

Leafy Garden with Wooden Benches

Enjoying tea time with family in a secret garden is a nice thing. Quiet and away from the crowded, allow you to have quality time with family be much better.

Arbor with Vines Roof

3. gazebo

Source : Holicoffe.com

Take a breath and enjoy the fresh air during the day is nice to do in the arbor. The four wooden pillars will be supporting the roof truss is overgrown with vines. This idea isn’t difficult to be realized to provide a cozy place for your silence moment.

Fruity Garden

4. fruity

Source : Pinterest

In creating a secret garden, fruit trees can also be planted in this area. Its existence will make the scenery in the garden become more beautiful. There are many kinds of fruit trees which you can plant, such as lemons, oranges, or mangoes.

Wooden Bridge in the Secret Garden

More precisely the presence of this cute wooden bridge functions as a garden decoration. Its natural color of the wooden bridge is useful to embellish the garden overgrown with many plants.

Small Yard becomes a Simple Secret Garden

8. small yard

Source : Pinterest

If you have a yard that’s not wide, you can still create a simple secret garden with some trees, plants, and vines. Place a wooden bench that usually identical with garden. It can be said that bench in the garden is a must.

Rustic Gate in the Secret Garden

9. rustic

Source : Pinterest

Rustic scenery is also nice to apply in creating secret garden. This design may make you as if you were in the past. The atmosphere can give you peace of mind while enjoying the view. Even, it will make other people envy you.

House Garden in the Middle of Bamboo Trees

Have you ever wished to have a garden house? Just realize your wish with this design idea. In this design you will need some wooden boards to be built become a unique small house in the garden.

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