Your front door is the first thing your relatives see when they arrived, so give them a warm, cheery welcome with a cute colorful easter wreath. Easter wreaths are an indispensable part of Easter decorations, whether you are the one for flashy decor items or like to keep it simple, there are so many ideas of Easter wreaths that can go with any theme.

Egg And Feather


Eggs and feathers look unique for your doors this spring. See eggs in neutral colors combined with soft feathers will make your designs stand out from the crowd. Small Egg Feather Wreath from @goose_and_grey


Beautiful seasonal Easter Wreath with tiny eggs on fluffy twigs and moss and bird feathers. Very natural looking and handsome bouquets give a touch of glamor to your home this year. Egg with Feather Wreath from @vetvickovo

Egg Shell


The little egg shells arranged into wrath look pretty and cute. adding a purple ribbon will also enhance the look of your door wreath. Small Egg Wreath from @writetoempower


If you do not have time to make wreaths, do not worry. You can make a bouquet with the remaining eggshell you have. Add some hay and poultry feathers, then be a natural country style bouquet. Shell Egg Wreath from @rea.pavlikova

Pastel Easter Egg


Colorful Pastel Egg Wreath from @heathermorancreative


Try coloring the eggs with pastel colors and use some flowers for stunning Easter wreath decorations. Add a bow accent with a matching color palette to enhance the appearance. Pastel Color Egg from @ineswitherspoon


This wreath is made using egg material which has a bright pastel color so it will present an attractive appearance. Decorated with blooming flowers will make this wreath look very beautiful and adorable. Pastel Color Egg Wreath from @bellfarmshops

 Bunny Wreath


How adorable is this bunny wreath? A wreath made of twigs and eggs arranged in the shape of a bunny is ideal for welcoming spring as a beautiful Easter wreath. Just add some fancy ribbon to further decorate it and you’re good to go. DIY Bunny Wreath from @theprettyemporium


Wreath bunnies strung together into a wreath successfully create a bright and festive look this spring. Hanging it on your front door would make it the perfect welcome for Easter. Bunny and Flower Wreath from @artificial_hannah


Simple but adorable. This wreath is made using blooms and stuffed bunnies so it would look great in a simple way. Having a small size, he manages to steal the attention and is very adorable. Bunny Wreath from @littleplumscreations

5. “Carrots” Wreath


Interesting right? This wreath made using burlap manages to convey an attractive rustic look. IN adding this carrot accent will make this year’s Easter look even more festive. Carrot Wreath from @dekoracija.lepe.stvari


This creative carrot wreath is so beautiful and smart, it will help you escape the winter blues and head straight for spring fever. All you need is artificial carrots, artificial leaves and white flowers. Carrot and Egg Wreath from @ryan.dean.7731


This orange ribbon is woven into an Easter wreath and is ready to brighten up your home decor. Here you can decorate it with ribbons, and green leaves to make it look more attractive like a real carrot vegetable. Carrot Ribbon Wreath from @keepingitsimplecrafts

Rustic Easter Wreath


Grapevine painted white and accented with rabbits, colorful eggs, and green leaves manage to steal the eye. Having these natural materials will give your floral arrangements a rustic touch. White Paint Easter Wreath from @wyldewreath


You can even use a rustic style as a flower arrangement. All you need is a little creativity and imagination to make this rustic wreath. Rustic Wreath from @victoria_at_thewhitecottage

Pom-pom Wreath

Pom-poms are wonderful materials and commonly used in arts and craft activities. You can even use differently colored pom-poms to make an Easter wreath like that.


This front door looks very beautiful decorated with this wreath. Made with a colorful pom pom garland, and shaped like a bunny, it looks so cute. Decorated with a bow-shaped ribbon will make this wreath look prettier. Pom Pom Bunny Wreath from @stitches_by_stacy


This wreath was made with a DIY project using pom poms so it’s perfectly safe for kids. Having a mix of bright pastel colors makes this wreath suitable for spring celebrations at your home. Colorful Pom Pom Wreath from @crochetingmyway

Yarn Wreath

You can save your money by making eggs from yarn. Use the colors you like and assemble into a beautiful wreath to greet Easter.


This DIY wreath is made using string so it looks adorable in spring. Having a combination of several colors will make it look very festive. Lastly, you can hang it over your front door to steal the show. DIY Yarn Wreath from @hobi.elcisi


The threads woven into a hare wreath look especially beautiful in spring. Having a pastel theme will make it look even more attractive. Yarn Bunny Wreath from @hellojessicalauren

Neutral Wreath


Complementing the Easter front door decor with a bouquet of natural flowers is an interesting idea. You can use a green wreath decorated with egg accents to make it prettier. Hanging it over your front door with a ribbon will work to steal the show. Easter Egg Hunt Wreath from @wyldewreath


Bring a wreath of flowers to your front door decor! Using greenery wreaths is the perfect solution. Here you can make greenery wreaths decorated with egg accents so that they look festive during Easter celebrations. Greenery and Egg Wreath from @heartsandflowers_hiddengarden


This green egg and leaf wreath was made with a DIY project and is perfect for an Easter decoration idea. Decorating with little eggs will make this spring wreath look even more festive. Hanging it over the front door will steal the show. Natural Easter Egg from @jasmine_bleu

DIY Eggs Wreath


Making your own Easter wreaths might just be for you. Painting these eggs brown makes for a lovely wreath design. Hanging in front of the door will also steal the show. DIY Paint Egg Wreath from @amandamhamman


For a different look from plastic egg wreaths, use white and brown eggs stuck to tree branches to give your entryway a pretty look. DIY Egg Wreath from @nika_veru


This Easter wreath is made from scrap wood and a sweater. The selection of wood in the shape of a rabbit and hung on a wreath managed to present a very attractive appearance. Garnished with carrot accents will make this wreath a little more festive than usual. DIY Wooden Easter Wreath from @jenbomba


This egg felt wreath manages to give a different look to your entryway. Choosing to make your own won’t cost much and of course has unique designs that you can try. DIY Felt Egg Wreath from @loveembroiderymagazine

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