Your front door is the first thing your relatives see when they arrived, so give them a warm, cheery welcome with a cute colorful easter wreath. Easter wreaths are an indispensable part of Easter decorations, whether you are the one for flashy decor items or like to keep it simple, there are so many ideas of Easter wreaths that can go with any theme.

1. Egg And Feather

Easter wreath 1

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A beautiful, seasonal Easter Wreath in pastel colored eggs with fine twigs and moss and down bird feathers. An extremely natural and handsome looking wreath giving aglamorous tones to your home this year.

2. Egg Shell

Easter wreath 2

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If you do not have time to make wreaths, do not worry. You can make a bouquet with the remaining eggshell you have. Add some hay and poultry feathers, then be a natural country style bouquet.

3. Pastel Easter Egg

Easter wreath 3

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Try coloring the eggs with pastel colors and use some flowers for stunning Easter wreath decorations. Add a bow accent with a matching color palette to enhance the appearance.

4. Bunny Wreath

Easter wreath 4

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How adorable is this bunny wreath? The wreath made of twigs arranged in the shape of a bunny ideal to welcome the spring season as lovely Easter wreath. Just add fancy ribbons to decorate it further and you are good to go.

5. “Carrots” Wreath

Easter wreath 5

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This creative carrot wreath is so beautiful and clever, it will help get you out of those winter blues and straight into spring fever. All you need are artificial orange tulips, artificial leaves and green burlap ribbon.

6. Easter Hat

Easter wreath 6

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You can even use a straw woven hat as a wreath. All you need is a little creativity and imagination to create a bouquet like this cute bunny bouquet.

7. Pom-pom Wreath

Easter wreath 7

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Pom-poms are wonderful materials and commonly used in arts and craft activities. You can even use differently colored pom-poms to make an Easter wreath like that.

8. Yarn Wreath

Easter wreath 8

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You can save your money by making eggs from yarn. Use the colors you like and assemble into a beautiful wreath to greet Easter.

9. Neutral Wreath

Easter wreath 9

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If you’re not that into colors, this neutral-colored wreath may be more up your alley.

10. Washi Tape Eggs

Easter wreath 10

Source : Pinterest

For a different take on the plastic egg wreath, use white eggs and decorate with different types of washi tape.

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