Easter is coming, so let’s decorate your centerpiece with Easter theme to suit every springtime at your home. Bring as many ornament as you can that correlate with Easter theme and create a unique decoration to your dining table to welcome your family and friends at home; burlap, mason jar holders, floral notes, bunny and eggs ornaments, etc. Check out these Easter centerpiece decoration to inspire you.

Cherry Blossom Easter Egg Tree

Cherry blossom easter egg tree


This Cherry blossom Easter egg tree is the perfect choice for your Easter centerpiece decoration. Paint the egg with pastel color and hang them in your fake cherry blossom branch, and they are ready to beautify your space. You can also add other below the tree such as white bunny just like the picture above.

Pretty Pink Posey Egg Display

Pretty pink posey egg display


To make this adorable decoration, you only need to paint the egg just like the color of the flower. This is a good and simple ways to make Easter decor for your own.

“The Grass Is Always Greener” Easter Egg Dish

This DIY Easter centerpiece decoration is easy to make. Tied the wheatgrass with a pretty ribbon and put it in a bowl that is full of colorful painted egg. The green color from the grass is so beautiful and give a spring feel to your home.

Jolie Mason Jar Spring Bouquet

Pick out some beautiful flowers or buy them if you don’t have it and put them into a mason jar. You can also paint a pattern to the jar to make your mason jar centerpiece look more stunning.

Metropolitan Metallic Easter Egg Display

All you need is a bucket, some of plastic eggs, foam, bamboo skewer, ribbon, and Easter grass. Just stick the skewers into the eggs and arrange them just like what you want, and this Easter egg display is ready to beautify your home.

A Mossy Path Egg Arrangement

Instead of making an ordinary centerpiece, why don’t you fill the entire table with this decoration? This project is easy to do and yes, it’s Instagram worthy.

Snow White Blossom Log DIY Centerpiece for Easter

This project is so easy to make and only require a few things; flowers, log wood, Easter decorations, and ribbon. This project creates a beautiful spring colors and the best thing about it is that they can go along with almost any kind of your decor.

“Peeping” Pink Tulip Planter Display

There are no certain rules that Easter centerpiece have to be subtle and pastel. Be unique and go for a bright, bold color of centerpiece; a pink tulip with colorful bunny and candy.

Farmhouse Robin’s Nest Tabletop Arrangement

Paint the eggs and place the, on a bed of hay upon a tabletop or plate. This idea is great option for you who still want to decorate your space with Easter theme but running out of time.

Petite & Sweet Spring Bird Nests

This cute centerpiece is great option for you who have small centerpiece. Paint some twigs and placing some small leaves on top of it to create the nest and add the eggs in it and your small Easter centerpiece will make a big changes to your space.

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