Easter is coming, so let’s decorate your centerpiece with Easter theme to suit every springtime at your home. Bring as many ornament as you can that correlate with Easter theme and create a unique decoration to your dining table to welcome your family and friends at home; burlap, mason jar holders, floral notes, bunny and eggs ornaments, etc. Check out these Easter centerpiece decoration to inspire you.

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These carrots and tulips would be the perfect Easter decoration. You can arrange it in a clear glass vase and place it on a table where it will make a perfect centerpiece. Carrot and Flower Arrangement Centerpiece from @tristinaroseyt

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This dining table features a centerpiece made with a DIY project using leaves. This centerpiece is in the form of a wreath and added a bunny ornament so it will make it look perfect for Easter celebrations. Bunny Centerpiece from @farmhousewifey

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Completing the dining table with a centerpiece is one way to celebrate Easter at your home. This time you can use a yellow flower arrangement and colorful egg to make this centerpiece so it will look perfect. Yellow Flower Arrangement from @thesouthernholidayhome

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All you need is a wicker tray, some plastic eggs, faux leaves, and bunny ornaments. Simply arrange the colorful eggs, faux leaves and bunny ornaments in the wicker tray, finally display it on the table and it’s ready to beautify your home. Egg and Bunny Centerpiece from @happyplacecreations

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Look at the centerpiece above! Made using a DIY project using a wooden dough bowl, the colorful egg and bunny ornament will make it perfect for any Easter celebration. Arrange everything on the table together with the candles for a very stunning centerpiece. Colorful egg Centerpiece from @lindysbluerabbitcottage

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A wooden box painted in white looks beautiful and attractive. Then fill it with leaves, colorful eggs and candles so it will make it look festive. Finally, place it on the table so that it will become an attractive and inspiring centerpiece. Candle box centerpiece from @shropshireweddingsevents

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Instead of making the usual decorations, why don’t you fill the whole table with these decorations? This project is easy to do and yes, Instagram worthy. Bunny and Flower Arrangement Centerpiece from @coffeetime_withmariel_

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Simple but interesting! The white painted car ornament filled with egg ornament will present an attractive Easter look. Placing it on the table along with bunny ornaments and candles makes for an interesting Easter decoration. Bunny and Egg Centerpiece from @isabethorre896

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This faux lavender is planted in a wooden box so it looks like the real thing. The owner displayed it on the table along with the bunny ornament so it would bring out an Easter look and look beautiful at the same time. Lavender Arrangement from @isabethorre896

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A wicker basket made with rattan looks very aesthetically pleasing. Filled with vase arrangement cabbage will make it look very beautiful and attractive. Finally display it on the table so it will be an interesting focal point. Faux Lavender and Bunny Ornament from @hazelhouseandhearth

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Bunny ornaments and carrot ornaments made using paper and displayed on this tray will present an interesting Easter display. The owner displayed it on the dining table so it would be the perfect centerpiece for spring. Bunny and Carrot Ornament from @zamiras.cozy.cottage

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This colorful flower arranged in a glass vase looks beautiful and full of charm. Displayed on the table with bunny ornaments and egg ornaments will add to the excitement of Easter decorations in your home. Flower Arrangement Centerpiece from @quiltingartist

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Creative and inspiring! This centerpiece was made with a DIY project so it managed to steal the show. Consisting of an egg vase, carrot ornament and flower will present a very beautiful and enchanting look. DIY Easter Centerpiece from @andylhopper

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Interesting right ? This centerpiece was made as a DIY project using a dough bowl, egg bunny ornament and carrot ornament. Everything is arranged in a dough bowl and displayed on the table along with a potted plant so it looks amazing. Dough Bowl Centerpiece from @home.decor.mom

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Make your Easter decorations look festive! This time you can place a wooden tray on the table. Then arrange the egg ornament, flower arrangement and bunny ornament on the tray so that it will look festive at Easter. Tulip and Bunny Centerpiece from @bluesparrowandpeonies

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This centerpiece is made using a wooden tray to present an attractive rustic look. Wooden signs, candles and tulip arrangements arranged on a tray will present an attractive Easter display. Vintage Tray Centerpiece from @athomewiththehamiltons

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Carrot is one ornament that will never fail for Easter decorations. This time you can use it to make a centerpiece along with a flower arrangement so it will look perfect. Vintage Tray Centerpiece from @sistersonadime

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This egg tree ornament was made with a DIY project and arranged in a glass jar vase so it will look great. Finally the owner placed it on the table so it would be the perfect centerpiece at Easter celebrations. Egg Arrangement Centerpiece from @thelittlebylittlehome_

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To make this adorable centerpiece, you only need to paint the eggs using colorful paints and combine them with colorful bunny ornaments. This is a great and simple way to make Easter decorations for yourself. Colorful Centerpiece from @perch_midland

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