Wood furniture always be favorite thing for many people. The natural beauty of wood is the most reason for them to have it. Because of it, there are so many furniture industries that use wood as the base material. Shelves is one of furnitures that is used from wood material. Moreover, it also can be combined with other materials. In this post, you will find some astonishing shelves design to inspire you.

  1. Wavy Wood Shelves

1. modern wavy shelves

Source : Idolza.com

One of the uniqueness of wood is easy to shape. Wavy shelves design is nice to make your home living look modern.

  1. Triangle Wood Shelves

2. triangle shelves

Source : Homeunltd

Sometimes, the corner of  room becomes an awkward space. Placing triangle shelves is a smart way to solve your problems.

  1. Twin Ladder Shelves

3. ladder

Source : Potterybarn

Combining white or cream shade on the wall with black shelves will create an elegant look. Twin ladder shelves design is a nice idea for you.

  1. Rustic Lumber Shelves

4. rustic lumber sheelves

Source : Vpas.us

Related to home living, rustic lumber shelves is a unique design to have. Using it as a storage and dishwares place with the addition of bamboo blinds on the window will create an awesome look.

  1. Wood Shelves Combination with Iron Pipe

5. nice wood shelves

Source : Isolotti.com

As mention before that wooden can be a nice shelves when it is combined with other materials. In this case, iron pipe is best material to support the shelves.

  1. Simple Wood Shelves

6. simple wood shelves

Source : Isolotti.com

For you who loves simplicity in designing of home living, this simple shelves is recomended. The different size of the racks is the point of this design to have nice look.

  1. Splendid Wood Shelves

7. splendid wood shelves

Source : Isolotti.com

What is your first impression when you look at the shelves design? Some people think that these shelves are splendid. It is because of the arrangement of its cute racks.

  1. Convex Wood Shelves

8. convex wood shelves

Source : Pinterest

Wider rack boards on the center and narrower on the sides will create a convex shelves. This design is unique, simple and also artistic to place on the wall.

  1. Alphabet Wood Shelves

9. alphabet 2

Source : Pinterest

9. alphabet wood shelves

Source : Pinterest

Toddler usually likes cute furnitures in their room, such as cartoon characters, animals or alphabet designs. For these alphabet shelves you can place some animals and toys on it.

  1. Cute Tree Shelves

10. cute tree shelves

Source : Pinterest

The gray shelves is nice for boys and the pink one is so beautiful for sweet little girls. Its cute design makes the tree shelves look so adorable.

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