Wood furniture always be favorite thing for many people. The natural beauty of wood is the most reason for them to have it. Because of it, there are so many furniture industries that use wood as the base material. Shelves is one of furnitures that is used from wood material. Moreover, it also can be combined with other materials. In this post, you will find some astonishing shelves design to inspire you.

Wavy Wood Shelves


Placing corrugated oak shelves will create an interesting look. You can store some toys and ornaments there to make your room more organized Wooden Oak Wavy Shelv from @sedea_au


A simple idea for storage is to install corrugated shelves to store some ornaments and pictures. That way, your home decor will be more organized. Wavy Shelves from @e.t.designs_


One of the uniqueness of wood is easy to shape. Wavy shelves design is nice to make your home living look modern. Cute Wavy Shelves from @arts_by_tl

Triangle Wood Shelves


This triangular shelf adds a unique look to your living room wall design. You can use this shelf to store various ornaments to display a charming design. Small Triangle Shelves from @feral.home


Sometimes, the walls of a room become an awkward space. Placing triangular shelves is a smart way to solve your problem. Black Triangle Shelv from @rascalscustomworks


A triangular shelf of shabby wood hanging on your wall looks neat. You can organize your ornaments neatly and have a neat design. Rustic Triangle Shelves from @_wanderinthewillows

Ladder Shelves


If you have a small bathroom, using vertical storage is the perfect idea. You can use a ladder rack which is used to store various ornaments to make it look more practical. Wooden Ladder Shelv from @samantha_show_


Ladder shelves are a great choice for storage ideas in your small living room to save more space. You can use it to store various ornaments and green plants to display a charming home design. Wooden Block Ladder Storage from @allthingshome62


Industrial stairs are a space-saving storage option. You can display multiple ornaments for an interesting look. Metal and Wood Ladder Storage from @athomewithholli


Pairing black walls with gray shelving will create an elegant look. This ladder rack design is a great idea for you. DIY Paint Ladder Storage from @homeonthemains

Rustic Lumber Shelves


Related to home living, rustic lumber shelves is a unique design to have. Using it as a storage and dishwares place with the addition of bamboo blinds on the window will create an awesome look. Rustic Lumber Shelf from @haveyouseenthemoneypit

Wood Shelves Combination with Iron Pipe


As mention before that wooden can be a nice shelves when it is combined with other materials. In this case, iron pipe is best material to support the shelves. Wood and Pipe Bathroom Shelv from @oradarcrafts


Using wood and pipes as storage shelves will provide a practical storage space that doesn’t take up much space. You can use it to put books to make it look neater. Minimalist Pipe and Wood Shelv from @oradarcrafts


Try using the space on the wall for storage ideas in your living room. You can use wood and pipes to use it as a neat storage place for cooking utensils. Pipe and Wood Shelv from @rochellelynnedesign

Simple Wood Shelves


For you who loves simplicity in designing of home living, this simple shelves is recomended. The different size of the racks is the point of this design to have nice look. Small Industrial Shelves from @that_overton_house


This combination of wall-hung shelves and frames presents charming home designs for you to try. This sleek design is able to offer a spacious and tidy room. Shelves and frame Storage /a> from @acumencollection


Open shelving will give your bathroom an attractive appearance, making it easier for you to store things. Having a slender and minimalist appearance adds an attractive appearance for you to try. Open Shelves Industrial from @updatemycape

Industrial Wood Shelves


Storage is suitable for use in industrial homes with pipe racks on the wall. With this storage, your tiny house will look simple and have little room to move. Pipe Shelves from @industrialaunt


These industrial shelving are great and give your home a different look. Made of pipes and wood, it gives an industrial impression to your home. Industrial Shelves from @patriotdiy

Nook Shelves


Built-in shelving will maximize space in your room. This design is unique, simple and also artistic to be placed on the wall. Nook Shelves from @saltwoodco

Alphabet Wood Shelves


Toddler usually likes cute furnitures in their room, such as cartoon characters, animals or alphabet designs. For these alphabet shelves you can place some animals and toys on it. Metal Alphabet Shelv from @vickiesgifts

Cute Tree Shelves


This green tree shape shelf is so pretty for a sweet little girl. The cute design makes the tree shelf look so adorable. Green Tree Wall Shelf from @j.h_carpentr


This tree-shaped wooden shelf adds an interesting look to your living room design. Used to store various collections of books, this will tidy up the appearance and can be the center of attention. Tree Free Standing Shelv from @vasaglefurniture


You can place a tree-shaped wooden shelf as a place to store ornaments. This design will make an attractive home decoration and can be the center of attention. Made of wood, it will give a natural look and fit the budget. Tree Wall Shelv from @thelocalgraincompany


This pastel tree shelf is very useful for placing some of your ornaments and book collections. Having a unique look and this pastel color will be the perfect centerpiece. Pastel Tree Shelv from @design.on_wood


A storage idea for a small living room is using a tree shelf. This storage is very effective for storing equipment and ornaments easily without taking up a lot of space. Tree Shelves from @yellowhousedesignlondon

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