Curtain or let it transparent? Well, you can even combined all of those for your windows. Curtain is the solution for you to set the privacy of the room as flexible as necessary. You can modify its model to beautify the room or by the functions. The types of the material may be categorized to its price and quality.


If you only need curtain to cover your room from the out light, you can use the thick one with the dark and deep colors. The size could be wider than the windows to cover up perfectly. You are also able to combine it with the presence of vitrage before the curtain. The available of vitrage will minimize the intensity of out light but you still can see both sides condition.


Soft pink striped curtains that adorn your living room window will give you an elegant and attractive look that can be used as inspiration. Combined with beige, this English living room gives the perfect look. Pink Stripe Curtain from @torimurphytextiles


Try using sheer curtains to enhance your living room decor. Choose floor-to-ceiling curtains to give the illusion of high, bright money. Sheer Curtain from @gardinexmarbella


Sheer brown long curtains are the best choice for your living room decoration ideas. So that it will give an elegant and luxurious appearance that can attract attention. You can pair white and hardwood floors for the perfect contrast. Brown Sheer Curtain from @drepyfabric


Decorating the dining room using layered curtains in white and navy will present an elegant appearance. Complementing the look of this navy color creates a stunning dining room look. Layered Curtain from @smedstadhuset


The selection of curtains for your living room decoration will combine a color tone that matches the color of the walls so that it will enhance your decor and make it look more attractive. Curtains with navy colors and white sheer curtains also make the room decor more attractive.Navy Linen Curtain from @modoko_mashome


Placing linen curtains on your study window is a great idea. So it will bring a warm relaxed feel to your guests. In addition, the use of these curtains is easy to clean and dry and will make your work space look attractive. Two Tone Curtain from @ibo_perde_design


Using green linen curtains to decorate your bedroom is a great choice. Using a white color combination on this wall will produce an attractive bedroom decoration. Curtain Bedroom from @_thefergusonhome


Decorating the living room with thick curtains will make your living room decoration look brighter and livelier. The use of curtains made of linen and sheer curtains will give the living room an attractive appearance and have sufficient value for your home. Linen and Sheer Curtain from @tunc.perdeluleburgaz


Curtains are one that will spice up your decor and add privacy to your living room. Try using linen curtains to complement your living room to make it look perfect. You can combine it with shades of beige to make your home look luxurious and elegant. Linen Curtain from @nicolemarie.home

Beside those kinds of curtains, there is also blind side curtain that allowing other side to be blocked out from the light. This option may be used for you who need inside privacy but still be able to see outside but only one way allowed. The curtain may not available in deep color if you see from the inside because of the set of transparency.


When we talk about curtain, it will be different with blind. The material of curtain is mostly made by fabrics. Blinds should be made of harder materials and usually used in office room. But with selected material and modified design, blinds now are also fit to be used in your home. Attractive color and theme for blind design are the main reasons why people began use it.


The selection of curtains that are applied to the windows of this house offers a different design for your living room. You can use two curtains at the same time to create privacy in your living room. Double Roller Blinds from @starhomedecoration


In this laundry room you can use white roman blinds to provide privacy throughout the house. Having this white color will also balance the appearance of this laundry room. White Roman Blinds from @aratametehome


The shower curtain has a unique design in the room. You can apply on two windows at the same time which will give a charming design. Blinds Bathroom from @betterhomesandgardens


You can apply this Roman blind to all the windows of this house. Having a brown color can provide an attractive appearance and perfect design. Roman Blinds from @sunilsemp


You can also add clever curtains to this modern living room design. Operation using this remote can make it easier for you to open and close this curtain. Smart Blinds from @storeslacasadelsoltanger


You can also apply Bespoke roman wax to your home windows. The selection of materials from burlap will also produce the perfect home decoration. Bespoke Roman Curtain from @bymolle


To create privacy in the dining room you can add curtains to all the windows of your home. Having white blinds will also match the color scheme on the walls of this house. Blind Dining Room from @bblinds_


Blinds have some types and model such as vertical, horizontal, or roller blinds. The size of the blinds is usually fit to the size of windows. Blinds material made by wood is the most popular for bedroom or kitchen. Wooden blinds are usually refer to horizontal type, while hard fabrics are the most common used for vertical type. Fabrics is also used for roller blinds.

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