Curtain or let it transparent? Well, you can even combined all of those for your windows. Curtain is the solution for you to set the privacy of the room as flexible as necessary. You can modify its model to beautify the room or by the functions. The types of the material may be categorized to its price and quality.


If you only need curtain to cover your room from the out light, you can use the thick one with the dark and deep colors. The size could be wider than the windows to cover up perfectly. You are also able to combine it with the presence of vitrage before the curtain. The available of vitrage will minimize the intensity of out light but you still can see both sides condition.



Beside those kinds of curtains, there is also blind side curtain that allowing other side to be blocked out from the light. This option may be used for you who need inside privacy but still be able to see outside but only one way allowed. The curtain may not available in deep color if you see from the inside because of the set of transparency.


When we talk about curtain, it will be different with blind. The material of curtain is mostly made by fabrics. Blinds should be made of harder materials and usually used in office room. But with selected material and modified design, blinds now are also fit to be used in your home. Attractive color and theme for blind design are the main reasons why people began use it.



Blinds have some types and model such as vertical, horizontal, or roller blinds. The size of the blinds is usually fit to the size of windows. Blinds material made by wood is the most popular for bedroom or kitchen. Wooden blinds are usually refer to horizontal type, while hard fabrics are the most common used for vertical type. Fabrics is also used for roller blinds.

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