Doing sport activities may be the prior for anyone who has interest on it. You can take benefit of the available space in your house to build your sport zone. The backyard could be the perfect place for you to start. It is not a must to set the same size with the international measurement. Mini sport center could be enough to support your interest activities.

Small Practice

Let’s see how big the space you have. If you like basketball, it is enough to install the ring on the wall. Then, you can add plaster to the floor. It needs a high ceiling to prevent the ball going out of your house or you can add plastic web to cover.


When you have some fitness equipment, you may need an indoor room with a parquet or laminate floor. The room may have many windows or an open-air room. The fitness room can be set without a door. Television and audio devices will support the activities inside.

Large Space Support

With the large space you have, you can build a field. Badminton field could be one of the field sport that suited to be available in your house. Table tennis also could be easier to be applied because they only need space without any modifications. Plaster or even rubber could be a great floor for them.


You are able to add a swimming pool in your house, even on the rooftop or the backyard. You can install a tiling floor or modified stone for the floor around. The high canopy is also support for you who enjoy the indoor pool as the privacy. It also can protect you from direct sunlight.


Even there is any possibilities to provide sport area in your house, there is also a limitation. Football and tennis court should not be recommended to be applied in your house. They will need special area to protect from accidental damage to your house.

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