Spring here and now is not a bad time to start thinking about taking care of your garden so you will be able to enjoy it during the spring. The Shabby Chic style is one of the most popular talking about setting up a romantic garden. A big advantage of the Shabby chic style is the advantageous opportunity to reuse furniture and other antique items. The result is a on budget garden decoration and rather nostalgic that one could not deny the powerful visual impact.

Window Shutter Hanging Planters

Shabby chic garden 2

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One simple way is to repurposed the shutter window into a place to hang a pot. You can color the window shutter with pastel colors or leave it obsolete. This will be an attraction in your garden.

Old Ladder

Shabby chic garden 3

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An old stepladder can always be found at car boot sales and is the perfect way to create height in a display. Place it on the corner of the garden and decorate it with other worn elements to complete the shabby chic impression.

Broken Furniture

Shabby chic garden 4

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Old zinc pails with holes and therefore unusable can become the basis for pretty floral compositions. As well as ceramic pots and rattan boxes, they can also be used as planter.

Wrought Iron Furniture

Shabby chic garden 5

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Get creative with antiques to achieve visual shabby chic appeal. A painted iron bench and white linen umbrella make a quirky architectural display, while pretty cushions and blankets add an air of gentle romance.

Bird Bath

Shabby chic garden 6

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A worn out sink at home can also be utilized by turning it into a bird bath. Cover the drain holes with stones to make it easier for you to dispose of water and make it less deep for birds.


Shabby chic garden 1

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Why stick to outdoor chairs and tables when you can sink into a swinging hammock? Textiles are a clever way of softening a garden and extending your lounging space outdoors.

Welcome Sign

Shabby chic garden 7

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Raise a smile amongst guests with a shabby chic welcome sign, complete with sweet welcome message. You can make it from your old shovel.


Shabby chic garden 8

Source : PinterestNothing like an old gate to accentuate the shabby chic style garden. Highlighted by pink color flowers, sturdy wooden gate that crossed the years effectively closes the garden.


Shabby chic garden 10

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This can be as centrepiece of your space. Throw a ruffled linen tablecloth or table runner over the top and immediately add a touch of comfort and rustic romance. The organic and wrinkled texture of linen is perfect for warmer months and should always be a shabby-chic textile of choice.

Lighting Fixture

Shabby chic garden 9

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Lamp posts are common lighting fixture, but you can be creative by create planters around them. Mason jars are also a go-to feature of any rustic chic design. Simply add candles or string light and voila! You’ve just created a shabby and romantic appeal.

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