With warmed days on the horizon, it’s no surprise that after the last snows melt away from winter and green grass blades begin showing their fresh heads, we’re all ready to freshen things up. To embrace the longer lighter days and make our homes reflect the change in seasons, it’s time to chat about all things spring decor, and how to decorate your mantel for spring is at the top of the list. Go modern and minimal or pastel and colorful here are some lovely ideas for you.

Blue Egg

Spring mantel ideas 1

Source : Pinterest

A tranquil color scheme pulls all of the elements of this mantel together. The boxwood wreath and a blue plastic egg are hung to a large mirror. It flanked the mirror with cream pillar candles on tall glass candlesticks. Vintage bunnies in light blue and cream add to the color scheme, and potted grass completes the simple spring look.

Fabric Garland

Spring mantel ideas 2

Source : Pinterest

Reused your colorful fabric strip garland that adorned the mantel for spring. You can made topiaries from moss bunnies and plastic eggs then securing them to colorful buckets with florist’s foam. and a basket with faux grass and plastic eggs anchored one side of the mantel.

Chalkboard Mantel

Spring mantel ideas 3

Source : Pinterest

An interesting focal point that is easy to make. You can use a chalkboard and create an inspiring words. The added value is you can move it anytime you do not need it. Add colorful ornaments to reinforce the impression of spring.

Lemon Green

Spring mantel ideas 4

Source : Pinterest

Lime-green shutters is a focal point from this mantel. Lined the mantel with faux grass and added fake carrots, a chick, and an apothecary jar filled with white eggs for a perfect Easter decoration. Spring touch added with a a grapevine wreath.

Classic White

Spring mantel ideas 5

Source : Pinterest

An old antique window is the focal point of this spring mantel. To complete the simple -sophisticated look, anchored each end of the mantle with a pretty floral arrangement, then add a plant painting to finish the look.

Terrarium Touch

Spring mantel ideas 6

Source : Pinterest

Terrarium is a trend at the moment and is perfect for your spring decoration. Try a terrarium (or two). There’s something soothing about plant growth, and having such growth on display all the time is particularly delightful. Show off your fresh plants on a nature-themed mantel this spring.

Unique Candle Holder

Spring mantel ideas 7

Source : Pinterest

This corner fireplace mantel gets decked out in all-natural elements for spring. Faux greenery in neutral ceramic pots adds pops of green, placing one on a large glass candle holder to give it height. The driftwood candle holder adds a natural, romantic feel

Symmetrical Design

Spring mantel ideas 8

Source : Pinterest

Use symmetry for a clean, modern feel. There’s something refreshing about symmetry in home décor, and this holds true for spring decoration as well. Atop a mantel is a perfect place to show symmetry – and because there is balance, each piece is noticed and appreciated. You can also get away with fewer decorations when they are symmetrically place. Something for minimalism-lovers to keep in mind.

Hello Yellow

Spring mantel ideas 9

Source : Pinterest

Along with the warmth of the sun, there is nothing more appropriate to catch it with a bright yellow palette. Spark your mantel with yellow trimmings, large paper flowers and a happy jumping rabbit.

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