The world of home gardeners and antique fans often overlap, though these two hobbies are often enjoyed by the same people but not as often as they directly intersect. The spring is here when the planting begins, there are many innovative, fresh, and fun gardening ideas that involve antiques in a certain way. Whether simply adding antiques to existing gardens, or integrating the gardens themselves into antiques, there is no wrong way to combine these complementary enthusiasm.

Vintage Plates

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The antique plates can not be left just lying around. You can use them to decorate the fence or wall of your garden. Flower-themed dishes will be more suitable as a garden decorator.

Metal Chair

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Painted metal chairs make quaint additions to your garden. Instead of throwing them out, transform them into a planter. These sentimental favorites will add a charming appeal to your vintage-inspired garden.

Vintage Ladder

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Do not throw your old ladder, it can be used as a flower pot display. Put it in the corner of your garden to attract attention.

Watering Can

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Your old hollow watering now can be used as a planter. They are fun to see and they are quite durable too.

Sewing Machine

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Vintage items need not be new. And yes, there’s a lot of irony on that statement. But truth be told, vintage decorative items are a hit these days and are sold in many furniture and home improvement stores. There’s always the choice of repurposing old stuff, and if you happen to have an old sewing machine, you’re in luck. Transform it into a flower box!

Old Bicycle Planter

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This project reused a rusty old fashioned bicycle to novel effect. A pair of thick container gardens were placed on the front and rear of the bike, while kitschy signs were hung on the frame. It’s a fantastic way to house flowers and make an artful display from what would otherwise have been junked.

Antique Sink

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Garden decorations don’t have to be conventional. Certain pieces will make your garden worthy of staring at, like an antique sink you thought won’t be of use anymore. You can either make it an eccentric decor without anything on it, or put some flowerpots for a more captivating look.

Colander Planter

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Colanders work well as planters. In fact, it works well as a planter because of the tiny holes in the bottom so water can seep through. Watering the flowers or any decorative plant becomes an easy chore, plus you get to have a new addition to your garden to make it look more vintage.

Old Dresser

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Old desks and drawers could transform your garden into a vintage style piece of heaven in an instant. You can put flowers on top of them, or insert tiny pots inside the drawers too. If you’re tired of the old desk’s color, paint it with anything you like. Make it a bright color too, to stay consistent with the vintage theme.

Teapot and Teacup

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Garden stakes a whole lot of fun to set up. The thing about it is that you have to select the perfect ones if you’re going for a specific theme. Since we’re talking about vintage here, try one of those teapot and teacup garden stakes you can easily buy at a Home Depot or the old one you already have. It may be what your garden needs.

Old Bowl Mushrooms

Vintage garden ideas 11

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Kitchen pans and bowls that are well past their prime as cookware can be given a second life in your garden as adorable toadstools. There is practically nothing cuter than little red capped mushrooms peeping out from greenery in your yard. You can easily make your own with a little spray paint and creativity.

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