Wedding day is a special moment to have for every couple. Surely, it’s related to the venue whether for ceremony or the reception. Talking about wedding day, wedding garden is nice to have in creating momorable moment. Natural view and fresh blooms can be the parts of your special day.

  1. Daisy Flowers on the Rods

1. daisy and rod

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Some pieces of rods next to the attendants wooden chairs will give a natural look. Still, the existence of yellow daisy flowers in the jars make the wedding garden more alive.

  1. A Bunch of Flowers on the Chairs

2. flowers on the chair

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To have a fresh and simple impression, white and green is best for the wedding garden with hill view. Placing some bunch of flowers on the chairs will create an elegant venue on your wedding day.

  1. Flower’s Petals

3. flower's petal

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3. flower's petal2

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Sprinkling of flower petals on the ground will create a romantic and unforgettable wedding feel.

  1. Candles and Lanterns

4. candles and lanterns

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There are also couples who prefer to hold their reception in the evening. In this case, candles and lanterns will be the best choice to create a romantic feeling of your special moment.

  1. Rustic Garden Wedding

So, here you’ll vow to your couple in a quiet place and far from the crowded.

  1. Beautiful Gazebo

Standing and vowing is an unforgetable moment. A beautiful gazebo can be a nice idea to make your day perfect.

  1. Table Decoration

Nature will provide a natural decoration for your wedding garden. However, adding some table decoration on the string is so adorable.

  1. Crafty Heart on Stick

8. crafty heart on stick

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For you who love simplicity, crafty heart on stick with some wooden benchs are so beautiful.

  1. Greenery Backdrop

It can be said that wedding garden is identical with nature. Therefore, the greenery will be a fresh and natural backdrop on your wedding day.

  1. Red Carpet

Rolling out a red carpet in wedding garden will create a combination of natural and luxury.

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