Living in an urban environment should not stop you from enjoying fresh air. And having an urban garden style is one of the way to solve your problem. All you need to do is know your stuff and get creative with the space.

Surround Yourself with Bloom

Create an expansive park-like atmosphere by surround your space with bloom; roses, perennials, annuals, flowering shrubs, trees, and plants that scrub toxins out of the urban atmosphere.

Grow Your Plants in Containers

If you have no space for a garden, growing plants in containers and hanging baskets is perfect solution for your urban garden style.

Screen The View

Add a tall, narrow shrub and trees in your urban garden to get a privacy from surround; quick-growing bamboo.

Decking Urban Garden Style

Take advantage of the existing trees by build decking around them. The strong lines of the decking, table and benches in the picture above are balanced by curves of accent pieces like the side table and round ottoman.

Urban Garden with Antique Mirror

This antique mirror will brighten up the corner and reflect the vivid greenery of your urban garden.

Minimalist Urban Garden


For minimalist urban garden, plant your plants on the pot, so they are easy-to-maintain.

Vertical Urban Garden

The horizontal and vertical rods are welded and drilled into the frame to support your plants.

Grow a Wall

Any open space can be your garden when you add a wall of planters and trellises to enclose your space; rough, exposed, concrete slab.

Urban Garden with Shade

Install an overhead arbor, pergola or awning to help protect your corner from the hot sun.

Succulent Urban Garden

If your space is a tough place for plants for live, rely on succulents. Grow succulents in pots. Succulent is the great plants since it’s tolerate hot, dry conditions and require little or even no care.

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