Celebrate spring in your best way for you to enjoy this season. There are various ways to bring the spring air to your home. Simply, the fresh and floral decor is a creative idea and that will definitely refresh your mind as well. Let’s check the ideas below.

Fresh Blooms Cut in Jar

1. fresh cut flower in jar

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Picking bloom stalks and putting them in a jar of water is a simple way to bring spring at home. So far, it’s nice to combine white and green color with fresh water in a clear jar.

Pink Tulips and the Water Flower

2. pink tulip and the water

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Aesthetic and fragrance of pink tulips you can get from the floral home decor. Placing it in your toilet or bedroom is a good idea to do.

Carrot Centerpiece

3. carrot centerpiece

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Compiling some harvests and flowers in a vase where the carrots play as the root is a unique and cute idea to embellish your home. You can place it on the dinning table or everywhere you want.

Spring in the Kitchen

4. kitchen in sprng

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In the kitchen is not always about spoons and pans. A pot of plant can also join them to refresh your kitchen.

Flowery Curtains

5. fresh flowers curtain

Source : Pinterest

Blooms in the garden during the spring you can make as the fresh and beautiful curtains in your home. Bind them with threads or strings, then your interior will look so beautiful because of their presence.

Fresh Flowers and Limes

6. flowers and lime

Source : Pinterest

The combination of flowers and limes as the base in a vase is so lovely to place on the dinning table. Besides, the smell benefits to make you more excited all day long.

Greenery Backdrop

7. greenery backdrop

Source : Pinterest

Wanna hold a small party at your home? There is an idea we offer for you, that is greenery backdrop to be arranged on the wall. It’s so natural and refreshing!

Green Apples in a Clear Jars

8. green apples

Source : Pinterest

A unique and creative way to store your collection of apples is by placing them in a clear jar. Surely, it functions as a fresh home decor during spring.

A Multifunction Umbrella

9. multifunction umbrella

Source : Pinterest

If you usually keep an umbrella behind the door. Now it’s time to make it becomes a multifunctional umbrella. Tucking some stalks between the folds of the umbrella and hanging it on the door will welcome anyone who comes with its beauty.

Re-purpose of a Straw Hat

10. repurpose of hat

Source : Pinterest

Even, during spring you can create a unique and simple wreath by using a straw hat becomes something pretty on the door.

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